Top 5 Must Have Hair Accessories for Bad Hair Days

By admin / January 1, 2021

Well, it could have been a good day.

It was a good day, but now you’re standing in front of the mirror. Yes, everyone saw you looking like this. Bad hair days can ruin an entire week if they’re bad enough.

The worst part is that sometimes, there is no easy fix. You don’t always have time to stop everything, wash your hair, and restyle it. Even with short hair, you can’t always wet a comb and hope it makes the gel obey.

Luckily, there is more than shampoo and gel to help you.

Fight the Bad Hair Day

Australian hair accessories are the unsung heroes. Here are the ones flex the most.

# 1 The Bobby Pin

Yeah, way to start off with a boring one. And an annoying one. Those things come in the hundreds, and it’s probably because you’re guaranteed to lose half of them.

Hair accessories clips are perfect for bad hair days. But the bobby pin is one of the hair’s biggest allies for over a century. In the 1920s, the bobby pin became very popular for maintaining the famous “bob cut”. Hence, “bobby pin.”

The bobby pin is made specifically to lock hair down into place while not being obvious or even visible. They can also hold a lot of weight, making them the perfect hair bun accessories.

They are more likely to stay in place with how they grip the hair too. Their shape is designed to do just that. And according to the movies, that same shape is perfect for picking locks.

The bobby pin is definitely underrated, and it is a go-to for quick fixes that look effortless.

# 2 The Bandana

Let’s be honest, bandanas are awesome, and yes, it is because they make you feel cool. They have the reputation of being the Accessory of the Badass.

Of course, there are prints in the adorable and cute category, but have you ever seen a Bad Boy without a bandana? Just saying.

The bandana is incredibly versatile to work with your bad hair day. You can fold it into the classic triangle shape to hide you forgot to brush your hair. You can make it a thin headband and pretend you’re not overdue for a cut.

You can even just cover your entire head with the thing and promise you’ll make an effort tomorrow.

Plus, nowadays, there’s the added benefit of the bandana functioning as a quick mask for your face. That’s right, you’re doing your part and looking badass because of it!

Whatever bad hair day you’re having, the bandana is your friend.

# 3 The Ribbon

This one is definitely more femme. But this can benefit masculine-presenters with medium or long hair too.

The ribbon, or hair bow, is classic. A centuries-old classic originally meant for men at that. Sure, now there are all sorts of elastic and clips to make wearing a bow easier. But the ribbon— simple, smooth, elegant— has more uses.

Ribbons are generally made out of satin or silk, which can be used to solve hair problems before they happen. Products like that are amazing hair gift ideas as well. But if it has happened, hair bows are a creative way of tackling a bad hair day while also helping the problem.

You can use a ribbon to hide your tangles. Or, make them look totally on purpose. Throwing a ribbon in your hair can make it look like you put thought into its appearance. And if the ribbon doesn’t cover or fix the bad hair, it takes the blame for it.

# 4 Fake Hair

Again, this is more of a hair accessory for women than men.

Fake hair means accessories like wigs, fake buns, clip-in braids, that sort of thing. It has a long history as the bobby pins and ribbons do. Just look at any painting of someone important in the 1700s.

But fake hair has its spot in cultures throughout the world. It’s been used to show ranking, wealth, occupation, and so much else. Also, if you could afford to manufacture hair and never have a bad hair day again, why not do it?

This is exactly why fake hair is such a good accessory for those days. Have a cow-lick or unfortunate bedhead from that nap? Nah. Now you have perfect braids with a salon finish. You can even pick a wig or clip-on that matches your hair exactly.

Of course, there are ways of making real hair look just like that. Getting ahead of bad hair days is always smart. But it can be expensive and takes time. In a pinch, fake it until you make it.

# 5 The Hat

Throwing a hat on doesn’t just solve your bad hair day. It completely changes your look for the better.

Not all bad-hair-day hats have to be ball caps and beanies. Hats are a large part of fashion. There’s rarely an occasion where a hat is inappropriate. Even fashion shows and red carpet events feature hats. You can choose a hat that tells the world, “Everything is as I planned.”

No one has to know what’s going on underneath it.

Besides, it’s 2020. A lot of hats come with new functions now like audio Bluetooth. It’s not just an accessory– it’s technology.

Bad Hair Days Are a Problem

Simple as that. But you can solve the problem easily enough. These are five tried and true fixes. They are simple, affordable, and classic.

Get ready to leave quarantine behind. Visit more My Press Plus posts for other life-hacks and prepare to re-enter the world!

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