Top 4 Architectural Wonders of Greece

By admin / November 3, 2018

A country located in southeastern Europe, Greece is officially called the Hellenic Republic. Located on the southernmost end of Balkan peninsula, it shares its borders with Bulgaria, Albania and the Republic of Macedonia on the north; with the Ionian Sea towards West; Aegean Sea borders East and the Mediterranean Sea guards the south. The architecture in Greece is amongst one of the most notable things about the place. One can find examples of Ottoman, Byzantine, Minoan and other modern styles of architecture.

If you want to visit these sites of wonder then the quickest way to get into the country is through one of Greece’s four main international airports, namely- Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport, Nikos Kazantzakis International Airport, Diagoras Airport and Makedonia International which serves Thessaloniki. You can avail amazing Greece tour package from Dubai, Australia, Spain, Portugal or from any other place- just keep an eye out for offers from trusted tours.

Since you are here for architecture, let’s show you some must-visit sites:

The Parthenon

Located in Athens, this construction stands tall as proof of magnificent architecture styles of the ancient world. Build sometime around 438 BC and dedicated to the goddess Athena, it is a fortress, Christian Church and a mosque. The structure stands tall today, but what’s truly impressive about it is the human labour that went into it as all the stones required to build it was put in place by hand.

Acropolis Museum

Created by Bernard Tschumi, a Swiss-French architect; this museum is a beautiful example of modernized architecture. Here light plays a huge role and before entering the museum, visitors are able to look at the ancient city of Athens right at their feet due to the glass floor which displays the ruins. It primarily houses ancient artifacts from the site, but these are perfectly placed like puzzle pieces to re-enact the wonder and awe which one would have felt when stepping foot on the ancient site.

Achilleion Palace

Located on Corfu island, in Gastouri village this amazing palace was constructed for Elisabeth of Bavaria, an Austrian Empress. Built-in 1890 it used the hero Achilles as inspiration. The palace was meant to showcase the ancient palace of Phaeacia. It is filled with statues of Achilles, painting and much more. You will also be able to witness fantastic views of the sea and the Corfu Town.

Theatre of Epidaurus

Touted as the perfect theatre ever created, it is rumoured to be built by Polykleitos the Younger, according to the Pausanias. The theatre with both acoustics and seamless symmetric architecture could seat about 13,000 to even 14,000 people. Music, singing and other dramatic events were hosted here along with the worship of Asclepius. You should visit during the summer months to witness the presentation of an ancient drama during the Epidaurus Festival.

Greece is a beautiful country with hospitable people, good food and a history which will mesmerize you. The architecture here is just as unique as the rest of the nation and its traditions.

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