Tips to Buy a Bong for the Best Experience

By admin / August 6, 2019

Getting ‘high’ is experiencing some high-end changes. Now new, advanced, better and convenient devices are entering the market for taking the cannabis consumption to another level. And cannabis consumers can’t be more thankful! There are dab pens, dab rigs and also bongs, which are becoming another favorite of cannabis lovers.

Bongs are fancy devices to rejoice from your hobby of getting ‘high’ with class and some fancy touch. But you can’t buy the very first bong you will encounter in the head shop or online store. You need to consider some tips before fixing your bong deal to get the best experience. There are so many designs and features of bongs that you might end up committing some errors in selection. Here are given a guide to making your successful debut in the bong-topia:


The amazing out-look and stunning grandeur of the bongs are hard to ignore but don’t look only these things. Bongs come up with different features and working, some of them are good for beginners, while others can be best handled by experts. Big bongs come with more assembling item which might get hard for you to assemble.

Moreover, bongs with long barrel need more time and skills to fill it for enjoying the desired ‘high’. Until you don’t have these skills, don’t get a hand on a large bong. Buy a small one, which is easy to use and carry anywhere in the home where you feel like enjoying your leisure time.

Lung’s Capacity:

Consider your lung’s capacity before buying a bong. Huge bongs that you can buy from online stores or head shops need more lung capacity to clear the whole chamber nicely. The left-over smoke gets stale and gives poor flavor after mixing up with the smoke for the second hit. You can also not leave your chamber half-filled or empty as it will also not give a nice experience. So, it is better to buy a bong by checking out your lungs’ capacity and the chamber of your bong.


Bongs can be a bit tricky to clean than dab pens. And this struggle gets even more with larger bongs with complex designs. You can also not leave your bong for days without cleaning it. A dirty bong is not only a house of bacteria but also hinders getting the desired flavor and hit. If you are a busy-bee or a slazy-me, then go for simple bongs than opting intricate ones just because of their eye-candy appearance and intriguing designs.


Besides cleaning, you also need to consider what you will have to undergo in case you break up your bong. Bongs have many small components that can’t be replaced individually if you end up breaking them. Maintenance of the bong will become a bit difficult for you if you are going to share it with other people and bring it along during a night out with friends. The possibility of damage will increase if more people will use it. Buy a bong made with more durable material like Pyrex instead of glass to get free from its maintenance difficulty.

So, now you know what to look while buying the bong for the best experience of your life. Go, grab your buddy!

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