Tinder — the best dating site or a lie?

By admin / April 29, 2020

Tinder is a social media network and one of the most popular paid dating apps in the world. It can be used on Android, Apple iOS mobile platforms and is designed to search for new friends taking into account the specified parameters and geolocation.

The app was launched by a team of 60 people in Hatch Labs Studio on September 15, 2012. It is capable of identifying people close to you (within a distance of no more than 1 km) and can provide their photo evaluations. After that, you get access to getting acquainted and communicating with them.

Operating principle of the service

The process of viewing and “liking” profiles in Tinder has its own subtleties. The app divides participants by ratings: the user is assigned a rating depending on how many people “liked” this person. The popularity of the profile depends on this.

The app shows photos and descriptions of chat candidates to the users so that they can perform the action: “swipe” (swipe in a horizontal direction) either to the right if they like the match, or to the left if not.

If the user puts a “like” to the person they are attracted to, and the person responds with a mutual “like”, the two of them can then start communicating via private chat. There is also a possibility to get a “super-like” in Tinder. This means that one of the users liked you very much.

10 interesting facts about Tinder

The share of service participants who are in search of a serious relationship is approximately 80%. And 42% of the users have already found a relationship through the app. Now let’s go directly to the list of facts about Tinder that may be the most interesting for you:

  1. Tinder originally was called Matchbox and was intended for students.
  2. The service is used actively by participants of more than 180 countries in 30 languages.
  3. The ratio of men and women here is approximately 60 to 40, respectively. Moreover, the weaker half of mankind spends an average of 1.5 minutes more time in the app than their stronger counterparts.
  4. 100% of the rush hour on Tinder is during the evenings.
  5. There are more swipes to the left than to the right per day.
  6. The average user visits the site 11 times a day.
  7. Thanks to the app, about 1.5 million people get introduced to one another each week.
  8. When you travel to a new place, the app starts showing your profile to local users more often.
  9. According to statistics, only one in 9 people talk to their newly found mate.
  10. The app is also readily used by famous personalities, such as Katy Perry and Lindsay Lohan — for celebrities, Tinder has a “verified accounts” function.

Today, about 50 million users use Tinder, and more than 10 million of them are present on it every day. As you can see, the application is really popular, and there are no particular pitfalls in it. However, for the dubious, it should nevertheless be considered in more detail.


The app is mostly used by women searching for serious relationships. However, men (probably, as everywhere) are looking for short-term ‘sex without obligations’ relationships. However, we will list the advantages of the service, which, fortunately, are aplenty. Here are just some of them:

  1. Free registration — anyone can register, and hence, the number of participants is very large. This, in turn, increases the chances of meeting a real person.
  2. The provision of a filter for profile selection — this convenient search saves time and lets you choose a chat candidate by gender, age, geolocation, and other parameters.
  3. The ability to add a video to the profile allows the participant not only to present himself more interesting but also gives users the opportunity to see and evaluate the person.
  4. Tinder blocks anyone who tries to access its users’ personal information for fraudulent or illegal purposes. Accounts of people who provide their financial details in order to receive funds from other users are also blocked.

Everything is quite clear. However, it has its own drawbacks. There is a list of them, too. But whether all of the following points can be considered disadvantages, is up to you.


  1. Tinder algorithms consider matches to a greater degree by only the outer appearances of the participants. That is why it is quite difficult to find a person who may fit your personality. After all, external similarity does not guarantee that the users’ interests will coincide.
  2. Tinder may delete your account if you haven’t visited your profile in 2 years for a lack of activity. So after this time, you will have to register again on the site and start a new profile.
  3. Existing algorithms are designed to encourage users to be picky. If you get too many likes, your name may be get included in the spam list. And if there are too many “left swipes”, you will get profile suggestions of participants that you had already met but decided to ignore.
  4. Tinder does not allow publishing photos of unaccompanied minors, as according to the rules of the service, users below 18 years are not allowed. Therefore, if you want to publish a flattering photograph of your child, you must be present in the photo yourself.
  5. Arguably, a disadvantage may be considered the fact that a user is allowed to have only one profile and one account on Tinder. An account in this service cannot have multiple owners or accounts for couples, with a friend or spouse

As per the service’s rules, only photos suitable for public viewing can be published on a profile. No nudity or images of a pronounced sexual nature, no detailed descriptions about sexual preferences. For someone, perhaps this is a drawback. But for those who are looking for a serious relationship, of course, such photos are not required.

Overall, Tinder is a unique online dating service. It is not like other similar websites. The well-thought-out functionality of the service allows users to find a mate not only for just short-term communication but also for serious, long-term relationships.

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