The Nutrition Principles to Help You Look Great

By admin / June 25, 2019

From low carbs, low fats, paleo, and vegan, there is a lot of controversy surrounding nutrition. There is a lot of conflicting information that leave people confused on what to do. One fact remains, you are what you eat. If you are eating healthy, then you will look and feel great.

Even with the most beautiful gold diamond earrings, you may not look elegant and stylish if your skin does not look as great. As you accessorize, remember to pay attention to your skin care routine. These principles will make your choices easier and beneficial to your skin.

1. Drink As Much Water As You Can

You already know that 70% of your body is made of water. Therefore it goes without saying that water is essential to keeping you healthy and energetic. Increasing your water intake should be your primary objective. If you are adequately hydrated, your metabolic rates increase.

Your skin will also detoxify easily and faster keeping it young and glowing. It is recommended that you drink eight glasses of water each day. However, today, experts agree that you should factor in your body weight, perspiration levels and how active you are when taking water. Adjust your water intake accordingly.

2. If It Does Not Go Bad In Seven Days or Less, Don’t Eat It

Healthy food does not have the same shelf life as a candy bar. Choose foods that are as close to farm fresh as possible. This will bring a huge difference in the way you look and feel.

While there are exceptions to this rule, it is always important to ensure that the food you eat is free of additives and preservatives.

Eggs and potatoes are examples of fresh food that might be fresh even after two weeks. But you get the gist. Always choose fresh food over processed foods that add chemicals to your body.

3. Balance Your Meals

The problem with most diets today is that they tend to cut out the most important foods from your diet. What this does is that it leaves one craving. As such you find a person who is struggling to eat healthy foods, but they tend to crave sugar and processed carbohydrates.

Fats, vegetables, and proteins are essential food items to eat at every meal. They leave you satisfied thus curbing cravings. For most women, the thought of eating fat is un welcomed. However, there are healthy fats that are needed by your body.

You can get such fats from foods like avocados, butter, coconut oil and whole eggs. If you eat these three food groups in moderation, you end up having better skin and more energy throughout your day.

4. Eat When You Are Hungry

It is not healthy to eat three meals a day. What happens if you do is you tend to overeat. The rule of thumb should be to eat when you are hungry and stop when you are 80% full. This means that you will be listening to your body and eating when it needs food. You have to discipline yourself to stop when you are full and not stuffed. This way your body will only have what it needs to survive and not excess.

5. Drink Your Nutrients

You will not always have an appetite for food. In fact, if you are used to junk foods, you may not feel like eating whole meals and vegetables the first few days. You don’t have to starve yourself.

Drinking your nutrients will offer you the same benefits you get from eating your foods. If you are too busy to cook, you can always make replacement shakes to ensure you still get the nutritional benefits you need.


Finding the right diet and nutrition principles varies from person to person. However, these basics will ensure that you will always look great. It is important to combine great nutrition with workouts for the best results.

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