The Non-Wedding Wedding – Tips for Planning a Non-Traditional Wedding

By admin / March 5, 2020

Have you and your significant other recently gotten engaged and now you’re ready to start wedding planning? Have you decided that while you love the idea of a wedding, the traditional and typical wedding just isn’t you? If so, you aren’t alone, as plenty of couples have been looking for ways to modernise the typical wedding and make it more of a true reflection of them.

So, before you become too overwhelmed with the wedding planning, here are some tips that are perfect for those who desire a non-traditional wedding and one that breaks the mould instead.

Ditch the Traditional Wedding Venues

The first thing you’ll want to change up is the wedding venue itself. Typical weddings are held in banquet halls of various sizes and styles, but no matter which you choose, it will scream “traditional”. Choosing your perfect venue should involve you thinking outside the box. Think of places where you enjoy the scenery and feel, which places may have special meaning to you as a couple, and what isn’t your standard venue.

Skip the DJ and Opt for a Live Band

Another thing that absolutely screams “typical wedding” is to hire on the standard wedding DJ. It is common, it is expected, and it is most definitely the norm. So, rather than a DJ, opt for a live band instead that can provide a more intimate feel to your wedding.

Lark Music, known for its acoustic band hire in Melbourne, Australia, reminds couples to consider all types of acoustic artists. When it comes to live music, you could go with a duo or trio group, an acoustic solo for the ceremony, you could get specific in the instruments that are used, and so forth. You really have the ability to personalise the experience so that it feels unique and non-traditional.

Throw Out the Rules for Wedding Attire

Then there is the wedding attire, which is traditionally a long white gown for the bride and a tuxedo for the groom. Who says that has to be the wedding attire? Why not pick outfits that are representative of the two of you, that you feel confident and beautiful in, and that you can look back at the photos and still feel joy about?

The same goes for the bridal party – if you even choose to have a bridal party at all. There is no reason all the bridesmaids have to be in the same typical dress, and all the groomsmen need to be wearing the same outfits. Go ahead and get creative, and allow your uniqueness to shine through.

Even the Floral Arrangements Can be Modernised

Flowers are typically a big part of the day, as they add a sense of decor and style to a wedding. While you don’t want to forgo all decor options, you can think of floral arrangements in a different way. Rather than the standard blooms people choose, you could opt for greenery, a herbal bouquet, wildflowers, and other varieties that aren’t typically associated with weddings.

Your Wedding, Your Way

By following these tips, you’ll be able to plan a wedding that is anything but traditional and expected, and that will be customised in every sense of the word.


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