The Causes of Cellulite

By admin / March 20, 2018

If you’re embarrassed about your stretch marks and are curious about the causes of cellulite as well as how to visibly diminish the signs of stretch marks, continue reading to discover some of the major causes of cellulite.

Don’t distress if you’re affected by cellulite. Before we discuss the causes, we will share how to drastically reduce the signs of stretch marks:

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1. Aging

If you’re female as you get older your body will start to produce less estrogen. Estrogen is a useful hormone which ensures that your blood flows through your blood vessels smoothly. As you age, as your body produces less estrogen you may find that your blood circulation is less effective, which will significantly decrease your body’s ability to create collagen cells.

Collagen is essential for ensuring that your skin maintains it’s elasticity and smoothness, which unfortunately means that as you age, you may start to see an increase of cellulite marks.

2. Genetics

Some individuals are predisposed to developing cellulite due to their genetics. Unfortunately, if your family members such as your mother, aunts, and grandmother have visible cellulite, there’s a high chance that you may develop cellulite on high-risk areas of your body such as your legs, your upper arms, your stomach and your hips. Interestingly enough the areas of your body, which you are most likely to develop cellulite, is also influenced by genetics!

3. A lack of regular exercise

While it’s certainly possible to exercise on a daily basis and to be diagnosed with cellulite, your chances are far higher of developing cellulite, if you fail to work out on a regular basis. While unfortunately working out can’t cure pre-existing cellulite, working out can, in fact, decrease your chances of developing further cellulite and is highly recommended.

As an added bonus, if you choose to work out on a regular basis, your skin will start to tighten and tone up, which will visibly reduce the visible signs of cellulite. So it’s well worth making regular exercise and healthy eating part of your long-term lifestyle.

4. Growth spurts

A lot of fit adult women have stretch marks as a result of a teenage growth spurt, in which they grew several inches in a short period of time.

5. Gaining a considerable amount of weight in a short amount of time

One common way that individuals tend to develop cellulite is by gaining a considerable amount of weight, within a short time period. As an example, if you put on 30 pounds, within a few months, the chances are highly likely that you’ll end up with a few new stretch marks.

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