The Best Ways to Ensure Some Valuable ‘Me Time’ This Holiday Season

By admin / November 26, 2021

With the month of December just around the corner, Christmas time is nearly here, and amidst the seemingly never-ending list of chores and grocery shopping you have to do, it can often be hard to find some quality alone time, especially with a busy family around you.

The importance of self-care is, thankfully now, more than ever before, prevalent in the minds of not only individuals and communities but also professional companies and businesses.

With that being said, continue reading to discover some fabulous and relatively simple ideas to ensure you get some valuable ‘me time’ this holiday season.

Set Aside Five Minutes for Meditation Every Other Day

Obviously, your life is jam-packed full, and it can seem as if you never quite catch up on the endless tasks and responsibilities you have. However, it is relatively easy to find just five minutes of alone time approximately every other day to practice five-minute meditation exercises.

There is a wide plethora of fantastic benefits of meditation to your mind, body, and proverbial soul, which include, but are not limited to:

  • Meditation reduces stress and anxiety levels
  • Meditation allows peaceful time spent on yourself
  • Meditation strengthens your mental stamina
  • Meditation improves your confidence
  • Meditation promotes clarity and clear-thinking

Create a Quiet Nook in Your Home

One of the best ways to guarantee there is always a space in your home that is free of noise, electronics, and other people is to create a modest yet comfortable, quiet nook in a room in your home that is not as often frequented as others.

Treat yourself to a comfy, gorgeous, and affordable lovesac alternative comfy chair and decorate with warm white fairy lights and a small table to the side with your favorite books and current magazines that you never usually find the time to read.

Turn Christmas Gift-Wrapping into an Experience

There are, thankfully, certain times in the day when the children are either in bed or out at their various activities, and you find yourself with an hour spare.

If wrapping your bags of Christmas gifts usually fills you with dread (and you can never find the sticky tape), why not turn this into a festive and peaceful experience.

Switch on the fire, turn the lights down slightly lower than usual, light a couple of candles, and play some instrumental versions of Christmas carols and classic Christmas songs. Wrapping your gifts this way will not only mean a huge job is now checked off your list, but it will also allow you some time to get into the Christmas spirit at your own pace and in a wholly peaceful and relaxed manner.

Other ways to ensure you experience at least a small amount of solo, self-care ‘me time’ this Christmas time include outsourcing any chores or tasks to members of the family or close friends and planning well ahead to ensure you have some downtime.

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