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By admin / February 4, 2019
Sticlă, Cana, Bea, Dorinta, Proaspăt

Sticlă, Băutură, Gustare, Banană, Lichid

You have at your disposal three natural methods of detoxifying the body:

         by increasing the fiber intake in the diet;

         by using plants with laxative and depurative effect;

         with the help of massage, hot baths, sauna or exercise.

Besides the benefits of the latter method, the most appropriate is the first option. The fibers stimulate intestinal transit and provide physiological detoxification of the body; they have a high water retention capacity; they swell with water, retaining water and toxic substances in the digestive tract which is then removed by the feces. Interact with visceral fat and sugar assimilation, reducing cholesterol and glucose levels, giving you the feeling of satiety quickly with a minimal intake of calories, and are therefore recommended in weight loss and obesity belts.

So, you need to introduce more dietary fiber into your diet. Here are foods that have a high fiber content: whole grains, dry coconut, food yeasts, dried white beans, ground coffee, dried figs, wheat germ, dried plums, rye flour, sweet almonds, dried lentils, flour soybean, sesame, flaxseed and psyllium seeds, wheat flour, whole wheat flour, Brazil nuts, dry dates, wholemeal bread, peanuts, raspberries, blackberries, oats, raisins, nuts.

Food supplements

You can also turn to a food supplement with a mixture of fibers, plants, and clay that regulate digestion and intestinal transit.

It must contain:

         seeds in which have 40% fiber laxative, calming, being recommended in constipation, and because of the high content of omega three fatty acids they have an emollient, lubricating effect on the colon aggravated by strengthened feces;

         psyllium seeds that are recognized as constipation because they absorb and remove toxic substances;

         parsley has anti-infectious action (limiting inflammatory processes), diuretic, depurative, cleansing the body of toxins;

         kernel combats bloating, being used as an adjuvant in enterocolitis, treats anorexia, lack of appetite and is an excellent diuretic, antiseptic;

         coriander stimulates gratis-intestinal secretion, eliminates intestinal gas and treats intestinal parasites;

         oregano is helpful in biliary, gastric, abdominal colic;

         clay prevents gastritis, stomach burns, ulcers, intestinal parasites, nausea, vomiting, and removes toxins from the body.

Sticlă, Cana, Bea, Dorinta, Proaspăt

Pay attention to water consumption! If you decide to follow a detoxification cure by increasing the amount of ingested fiber it is essential to consume 1.5 – 2 liters of water per day. Otherwise, you can drink because the threads need water to keep the toxic substances in the tract digestive.

Besides the water, you have to have a healthy diet and make a physical movement, habits that must be kept after the cure. Specialists claim that a first detox treatment lasts for three months, then we can do a 1-2 month maintenance cure every year. The Clear Drug Tests website link or other company sites of the same nature can provide you with more products to eliminate drugs from your body.

Foods allowed and banned during detoxification

I think you also know that if you continue to consume foods processed with many food additives or soft drinks, you will not choose like the detoxification cure. It’s time to apply some healthy eating rules that are worth keeping for the rest of your life. You certainly know a few of them, but you have not got enough ambition so far to respect them!

You can eat:

         fruits (raw, frozen, dried, juice squeezed in the house);

         vegetables and legumes (cold, frozen, preserved in water);

         brown rice and whole pasta;

         fresh and frozen fish;

         unleavened and unsaturated oleaginous seeds (nuts, almonds, hazelnuts, cashew nuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, etc.);

         simple yogurt, kefir, Sana;

         honey / brown sugar;

         spices;

         herbal tea or fruit;

         lean meats (in moderate amounts).

You can not eat:

         processed products containing food additives;

         fries;

         smoked;

         flour products made with white flour (bread, biscuits, pretzels, pastry, cakes, pasta);

         fast food products;

         high-fat dairy products;

         butter and margarine;

         sweets, especially those in commerce, but you can use honey and brown sugar to sweeten the teas;

         carbonated beverages, including dietary drinks;

         alcohol and coffee, but you can replace coffee with green tea;

         salad dressings, mayonnaise, pickles;

         the amount of salt should be reduced and replaced with spices.

To remember! It is normal that during the first few days of the detoxification treatment you may experience a slight discomfort manifested by headaches, bloating, cramps, itching of the skin that will disappear within a few days as soon as the body gets used to a diet rich in fiber and begins to eliminate toxins.

Detoxification and energization

Around, 80% of the body’s immunity is concentrated in the intestine. Moreover, an active and healthy digestive system means that the intestinal bacteria must be in balance. See this URL.

When the bowel hosts 75% of beneficial bacteria, the body is healthy, but when the intestine is predominantly “unfriendly” bacteria – which allows the excessive development of molds and fungi, implicitly many digestive symptoms (bloating, gas, pain, constipation, diarrhea or intestine) – our immunity is dangerously impaired.

I recommend a body detoxification cure at least once a season, and in the summer it is all the more necessary. Correctly, such an action leads to the elimination of toxins in the colon, cleanses the blood and helps in several other conditions because it regulates blood pressure (preventing cardiovascular disease caused by excess fat and salt), regulates cholesterol (preventing obesity) and blood sugar (preventing diabetes).

At the beginning of detoxification, feces can be seen floating in a brownish fluid often darker to black. Solid wastes will be present for a few days, depending on the time spent on preparing for detoxification and performing the hydrocolontherapies that are part of our program

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