Spotify – your success is predetermined!

By admin / June 30, 2021

The question of success and fame is relevant for every musician at any stage of career development. No matter how popular you are, how old you are, or what music you are presenting, you will always be concerned by the level of your popularity. The audience is everything, and your whole life depends on it when you are a young independent musician. And attracting that audience, gaining new fans is extremely hard and extremely easy at the same time nowadays. It is hard because there are too many musicians on every streaming platform, like Spotify. Easy, because these platform give almost unlimited possibilities for career development and audience gains.

Finding an effective and legal way to increase your popularity on Spotify is the task, every musician faces today. But today is your lucky day – I have an answer for you. Spotify promotion. Yeah, promotion. No, not ads. Let me explain to you the phenomena of music promotion on Spotify and present you reasons why you should start promoting your tracks on Spotify right now.

The first reason for Spotify promotion is the extreme level of competition. There are simply too many creators on Spotify, and you need to withstand among them. Most of the time the quality of your music is not enough, and you need something more. In the whole armada of young musicians your song will be lost, if you won’t promote it. If your song is not in top-charts, consider your song not existing. Period.

Second reason – this method of enlarging the audience is popular among already popular musicians. If you want to play fair, you have to play by their rules. If they can do it, why can’t you? It is legal, easy to do, and very reliable.

Third reason – promotion is a good investment. Yeah, investment. It is not wasting money. Your money will come back to you in a form of royalties. First, you grow the audience with promotion. Next – Spotify notices you and starts promoting your tracks by placing them into popular playlists, top-charts, user suggestions, etc. With the growth of your popularity, your tracks will start generating money – royalties. And then you can withdraw this money. If your promotion was successful, your royalties may even cover it in full. As I said, investment.

You know that in such a fast world it is impossible to see anything unless it is right in front of you. And on Spotify, the user won’t notice a song until it is already in his ears. So the promotion solves all problems. Such a fast, effective, and legal procedure with so many benefits. Did I say that you can even “catch” a music producer with your promotion? Yeah, you can. Try it once, and you won’t regret!


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