Six Things You Should Know About Assisted Living

By admin / April 28, 2021

If you are considering how to get a little more help in your senior years while retaining your independence, assisted living could be the perfect solution.

When there are a variety of care options available, knowing which one to opt for can feel confusing. To help you make a decision, read this guide and find out the six things you should know about assisted living.

What is assisted living?

Assisted living is an ideal choice for seniors with no significant health issues but who are looking for additional support in certain areas, such as help with personal care or meal preparation.

You live in your own apartment and can choose your own level of care depending on your specific needs.

How much does assisted living cost?

The truth is, the cost will vary depending on where you live, what size apartment you have, and the level of care you require each day.

If you are considering this option, McKnight Place can help calculate an assisted living cost personalized for your situation.

What’s the difference between assisted living and a nursing home?

While assisted living is for independent seniors, a nursing home is for individuals with more serious health complications who need round-the-clock care. A nursing home offers residents their own personal rooms compared with assisted living, where you have your own home in the form of an apartment.

How do you choose an assisted living provider?

Things to consider when choosing an assisted living provider include where they are located, what services they offer, and the cost.

You will want to investigate who provides the type of care you require in the area you have chosen to retire to.

How do you prepare for a move to assisted living?

Once you have decided where you would like to move into, it’s time to get prepared.

As with all moves, it’s worth having a declutter beforehand, but if you are downsizing, you might also have to decide which larger items won’t be coming with you, such as excess bedroom furniture, extra sofas, and garden items.

There will also be emotional issues to deal with too which are worth talking through with a loved one or a professional.

Common misconceptions

Many people incorrectly think assisted living is only for seniors with health problems, but that is certainly not the case.

Another common misconception is that you lose your privacy; however, your apartment is your own, just as your previous home was.

Once you move into your assisted living property, you can continue your life pretty much as before, despite some people thinking you lose your independence. Visiting friends, going shopping, dining out, and continuing with your favorite hobbies are all still options open to you.

Suppose you are currently enjoying your way of life but would appreciate some support in certain areas. In that case, assisted living can offer you that perfect blend, so instead of fearing this next chapter in your life, consider it a way you can keep your independence even longer.


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