Santa Barbara Hotels Giving Us Major Interior Design Inspiration Right Now

By admin / July 4, 2019

Presenting a profile that is simultaneously professional and homey, decadent but utilitarian, high-end hotels are a great place from which to draw inspiration for the interior design of your home. Here are some great examples of area hotels with different approaches to Santa Barbara interior design that are all equally inspirational.

1. The Hotel Californian

A Spanish Colonial-style building dating from 1925, the Hotel Californian recently underwent an eight-year overhaul of the interior design. The end result is a delightful departure from the previous appearance of the interiors. The furnishings hearken back to the hotel’s history during the roaring ’20s with an Art Deco design. The Moorish architectural influence is still strong in Spain, and the interior of the Hotel Californian pays homage to this shared heritage by drawing inspiration from Moroccan design.

2. The Biltmore Four Seasons Resort

The warm-neutral color palette, bare-wood ceiling beams, and arched doorways give this resort the feeling of a rustic adobe structure. This is contrasted with ornate European-style furnishings for a touch of Old World elegance.

3. Kimpton Canary Hotel

The Kimpton Canary Hotel shows that you don’t have to sacrifice relaxation for refinement. It features hardwood floors, four-poster beds, and other Old World accents with a distinctly Spanish flavor. At the same time, its light, airy rooms, soothing neutral color schemes, and brightly patterned rugs and other design elements allow it to retain an overall beachy personality, preventing it from becoming too pretentious or stuffy.

Let Your Interior Design Transport You

When you draw your interior design inspiration from a classy hotel, every day can feel like a vacation. The best interior designer for your project may be one who can draw inspiration from a hotel and adapt it so that it is appropriate for a long-term residence. The first step is to seek out an interior designer with the necessary experience and knowledge base to seamlessly integrate your vision into the realities of your lifestyle.


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