Rings – Only Jewellery Men Wear Nowadays

By admin / June 25, 2019

The only jewellery that you see men sport these days are rings. From decking up in jewellery to wearing only a single piece, men’s jewellery has evolved several manifolds. One important factor is the influence of the west and the corporate workplace. And not just jewellery, the entire wardrobe is now influenced by the west.

Most men have stopped wearing jewellery completely. However, the majority decide to slip on a ring only after they are hitched. Men gold ring is the best wedding ring a guy can sport if he isn’t too much into jewellery. A simple band goes a long way as it can be easily paired up with formal wear, ethnic wear or casual wear. Getting it polished once in a year will also be quite easy.

Jewellery loving men with prefer a diamond studded ones though. Unlike women’s engagement rings which mostly include a significantly sized solitaire diamonds, men’s diamond engagement rings comprise of a set of tiny diamonds. Solitaire rings for men rarely have a big solitaire diamond. Rather, they have an eternity design (same design throughout) or small diamonds studded on the top side of the ring.

But did you know that men prefer wearing bands over a ring? Before finding out why note that there’s not much a difference between band rings and normal rings. A band ring has the same width throughout whereas rings are broader on the front to accommodate the design and the width reduces considerably at the back to make it easy to wear. Since rings are usually thin and men have bigger fingers as compared to women, so they prefer to wear bands over rings.

A recent trend in men’s ring that we see in multi-toned. Men’s ring designs are simpler and of small diamonds. A lot of new upcoming designs are made in two gold shades i.e. white gold and rose gold. Rose gold still remains the choice of preference for women. Dual toned rings add a fun element to the ring and make it look quite interesting to wear or gift to your loved one.

Besides gold and diamond ring, some couple also exchanges platinum rings. Platinum is a silvery-white metal whose occurrence is very rare. Because of its rarity, platinum is also used as a metal in engagement or wedding rings. Giving someone a rare commodity proves that the person is important and holds a special place in your heart.

Planning to get a ring for your man? Make sure you get it online to enjoy all the benefits of online shopping including multiple options and home delivery. Online you can go through hundred on options at the flick of your finger within seconds. As you already know, buying online directly from the manufacturer also helps you save a couple of bucks as compared to online shopping. Make sure you confirm your ring size before ordering. If you are confused about the ring size, you can always measure it by placing your ring on a scale.

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