Ready to Start Dating Again? Read These Pro Tips!

By admin / August 25, 2020
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Are you single and ready to mingle? Returning to the dating scene can be intimidating, especially when you have been out of the game for a while. If you are feeling overwhelmed, we are here to help!

Meeting new people takes confidence, but dating can be fun when you have a positive attitude and feel good about yourself. Before you go on your first date, take the time to focus on YOU.

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With the following pro tips, you will get a confidence boost and be ready to meet your match:

Bat Your Lashes

The eyes are the window to the soul, and your true love will not be able to resist when you bat your long-pretty lashes! Make your eyes your most appealing asset by investing in a quality mascara and an eyelash conditioning serum. Preparing your lashes nightly with the best eyelash serum will condition your natural lashes to appear thicker, darker, and longer. Adding your mascara on top of conditioned eyelashes will give you the best eyelashes in the room.

The eye makeup you choose for your date will depend on the time of day and the location. For example, a night out would suit smoky eyes while a light bronze color scheme would be better suited to a day time coffee.

Make Every Day a Good Hair Day

There is a reason why newly single people often go straight to the hairdresser. A hair makeover will instantly change your look, without a long term commitment. A good hair day will give you confidence, and it can be easier to achieve than you think.

Whether you need to cut off your split ends, add some color, or have your locks tamed, you should visit a professional hairstylist. At-home maintenance will be easier with the right tools and products. To add to the pampering, why not get your nails done?

Work Out!

Exercise will give you energy and improve your mood. As you work on your mental and physical health, you will get yourself in the right dating mindset. Try to choose a workout that will make you sweat and give you strength such as kickboxing, running, or cycling.

With happy, natural endorphins, you will be a fun person to date! Consider exercising with a friend to give you the support you need to keep it up.

Set Your Playlist

The right music will get you excited about dating again. Set up a playlist that includes your favorite upbeat tunes. When you do meet someone for the first time you will be in the right mood, and ready for wherever the night takes you.

Some artist ideas for your getting ready playlist includes Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, ABBA, Justin Bieber, Florence and the Machine, Bruno Mars, and Justin Timberlake.

Buy a New Outfit

You can’t start dating again without a new outfit! This is the time to spoil yourself with a cute new dress or the perfect pair of fitted jeans.

You should feel comfortable AND attractive so don’t buy something that doesn’t suit your style. For example, if you only ever wear flat shoes, don’t choose a pair of killer high heels that you can’t walk in.

Get Ready to Start Dating Again

Confidence starts from within, so the way you feel about yourself is the most important thing. If you are nervous about meeting someone new, take the time to pamper yourself with a new hairstyle, outfit or make-up. Get yourself in the mood by working out and creating a fun, upbeat music playlist.

What are you waiting for? Get ready to get out there and start dating again!


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