Phone Case Types Based on Material

By admin / March 1, 2021

Many of the characteristics of a phone case depend on what material it is made of. Therefore, it is important to responsibly choose an accessory in order to ensure the reliability and safety of your device.

Types of Phone Cases

There are different types of mobile cases today. Below we will consider just a few, based on the material from which the accessory is made.

Plastic Cases

This is the most common mobile phone security accessory. It comes in a variety of price points, from the cheapest plastic bumpers to designer trims from world-renowned manufacturers.

Plastic is a very simple, yet stable material. It can protect the gadget from damages, however, it can be severely scratched or shattered if dropped. Such a case does not require special care. You just need to wipe it down regularly with a damp cloth.

Silicone Cases

Silicone is also a fairly popular material for making phone cases. The silicone case, like the plastic one, is able to withstand quite strong shocks when the device falls. However, silicone bounces better on the surface, thereby better absorbing impact energy.

It should also be indicated that such a cover requires limitation from long direct sunlight. Otherwise, the color of the silicone may become cloudy or yellow.

Wood Cases

It is a rather unusual solution for such accessories. However, today wood iPhone case is becoming more and more popular due to its high reliability and excellent appearance. It is often uniquely engraved, allowing the owner to express his individual style. If you want to visit a specialized website and choose a quality wooden case, please follow the link

Leather Cases

This material has been used to create covers for a very long time, approximately since the creation of the first mobile gadgets. The leather case is a reliable protector of the device, but today it is not cheap compared to other types of cases.

Taking care of leather is easy. It is enough to periodically wipe the accessory with a damp cloth so that it does not become dusty and dirty.

Carbon Cases

These cases are capable of withstanding more severe impact than other accessories. In terms of reliability, they are no worse than specialized shockproof products and metal.

Fabric Cases

The fabric is often used in the manufacture of sports cases. This is a very unpretentious, but reliable and durable material that is able to protect a mobile device well.

Thus, decide on the choice of a case as soon as possible and provide the device with this necessary accessory, otherwise, your phone may be at risk and stop working if dropped.

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