Medical Marijuana – Top 5 Things You Need to Know

By admin / January 4, 2020
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Marijuana, dope or weed has been around for years. It is a collective term used to describe the buds, leaves or flowers of the cannabis plants. In earlier years, cannabis was only used for recreational purposes. However, due to the most recent medical discoveries, cannabis is now used to treat various symptoms of diseases. If you’re planning on using cannabis for therapeutic purposes as well, then you must know the top five things about medical marijuana below.

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You must only buy from legitimate sellers

Canada’s Cannabis Act legalizes the selling and using of marijuana in the country. However, you can’t just buy products without checking their authenticity or paperwork, especially when you’re in Canada. You can grab marijuana from authorized sellers such as Feel free to ask questions if you have any concerns regarding a product. You should also inquire about the dosage and the best type of cannabis infused products you can purchase.

Cannabis contains more than 100 cannabinoids

Cannabis leaves, flowers, buds and stems contain plenty of compounds; one of which is the cannabinoid. You can find at least a hundred cannabinoids in a single marijuana plant. This naturally occurring substance often works like the hormones in charge of appetite, movement, memory retention, and pain. That’s why scientists and pharmaceutical companies have taken great interest in developing it for therapeutic purposes.

It contains non-psychoactive ingredients

Contrary to popular belief, not every cannabinoid is psychoactive. A fine example of a non-psychoactive cannabinoid is cannabidiol. It doesn’t cause hallucinations, intoxication, or other mental problems. Cannabidiol is often sold in oil form and consumed as a therapeutic supplement. It’s considered effective in minimizing pain and inflammation. CBD is also considered an excellent remedy for panic or anxiety attacks.

Using it comes with side effects

Like every other herbal or synthetic treatment in the market, cannabinoid containing products and marijuana come with side effects. Some common issues include nausea and vomiting. Some reports say that excessive use of marijuana can cause lack of focus, dry mouth and paranoia. It may also cause adverse effects if you’re lactating. Before using marijuana or marijuana-infused products, don’t hesitate to ask advice from a specialist or your primary healthcare provider.

Marijuana can be used in various ways

Marijuana is mainly consumed by smoking. However, there are other ways you can use it. For starters, you can try looking for marijuana-infused vape juices or gummies. You can also consume CBD oils. To know how much oil you should consume, you can consult with your physician. Aside from oils, gummies and vape juices, you can check out other cannabis-containing products sold in dispensaries and local online shops.

Cannabis or marijuana comes with plenty of health benefits. While studies have yet to prove the full extent of its medical use, using or consuming cannabis is truly worth it. To avoid unnecessary side effects, be sure to use it correctly. Follow the dosage and consult your physician if you have any doubts. Lastly, be sure obtain weed and other similar products from authentic and authorized shops.

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