Long Distance Relationship Rules You Should Follow to Stay Happy

By admin / May 15, 2020

Few people set out wanting a long distance relationship (LDR). But, whether it’s the inexplicable chemistry of that hot Australian guy or a work contract that forces you apart from your long-term partner, they’re a reality for many couples.

While an LDR isn’t ideal, with the right mindset, plenty of trust, and shared expectations you can both enjoy an LDR that thrives despite the distance between you.

But, before you get too serious, it’s important to both be on the same page (if not the same continent). Make sure to follow these long distance relationship rules for a happy LDR.

Agree on a Time Frame

While there are lots of ways to have plenty of long distance fun and make the most of your situation, there has to be an endpoint.

Very few people want to be in an LDR forever, or even indefinitely. Early on in your LDR, you need to have that long distance relationship conversation. The one where you both decide where this is going.

Unless you’re apart because of a fixed work contract or college course, it’ll be up to one of you to make the move and decide on when to do it.

Share Your Expectations

You’re going to spend a lot of time apart so it’s vital to have a long distance relationship conversation about what you’ll both do during these solo periods. You also need to be clear about what your expectations and boundaries are in terms of fidelity, communication, and honesty.

For example, are you exclusive or would you prefer an open relationship? What do you consider cheating? How flexible is your schedule? How often can you talk? This is another important long distance relationship conversation to have at the beginning of your LDR.

Prioritize Video Calls

Communication is vital in an LDR. Make a point of saying goodnight and good morning to each other, even if you live in different time zones.

But beyond plenty of long distance relationship texting and photos, video calls will be your savior. They’re as close as you’ll get to a face-to-face conversation for what could be months so they need to be a priority. That means setting a time and sticking to it, in the same way you would with a date.

Schedule Time Together

If you live a few hours apart then meeting up can be a little more spontaneous. But if seeing your partner means catching a plane or some serious travel time then you must book time together in advance

While you’ll only be able to see each other as much as your schedules allow, try not to go more than two months without seeing each other.

Wondering how to spice up a long distance relationship? One of the best ways is to meet up somewhere new, combining the thrill of travel with the excitement of seeing your lover for the first time in weeks!

Long Distance Relationship Rules

An LDR is never an ideal situation. But many couples make them work by setting and following their own long distance relationship rules.

Above all, honest and open communication, spending both virtual and real time together, and having the same expectations are all key to a successful LDR.

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