LCO Method: Your Ultimate Guide on How to Style Your Curly Hair [Pro Tips]

By admin / June 22, 2021

Styling your hair requires regular hair maintenance. In that statement, you can sum up the whole problem with natural hair movement.

Sure, all girls know that they have to work on their hair. The trouble is that they don’t have a proper routine.

There’s a debate about which works better, the LOC or LCO method. When it comes to the LOC vs LCO method, go with LCO.


Curls are a rather specific type of hair. Aside from their luscious look, curls require a lot of work. To achieve an amazing look with your curls, you have to invest a lot of time in maintenance.

That comes with pros and cons. To simplify that, you could say that curly hair looks excellent with regular upkeep.

While that may sound confusing, you’ll get the general idea by the end of the article.

Curly Hair Types

Curly hair has several types. While they also share the curly title, they differ a lot.

Your first task is to identify your hair type. There’s a ton of advice online if you want to do that at home. But, to get an accurate observation, visit your hairstylist. They know these things by heart, and it’s going to save you a lot of time.

Learning your hair type is the foundation of proper hair care. Also, you need this information if you want to get an excellent look for your hair.

Yet, this information isn’t a guarantee for your look. It’s time to set a foundation for your future hairstyle.

Curly Hair and Porosity

Hair porosity is a thing all women should learn. It refers to the ability of hair to retain moisture.

Retaining moisture is the crucial thing to styling any hair type. With less hair moisture, your hair becomes thin and easily breaks. That type of hair is also known as hair with high porosity.

Your aim is medium hair porosity, or in the best case, low hair porosity. With low hair porosity, you can achieve any look or style.

The key to that is proper hair maintenance.

Curly Hair Maintenance

Curly hair maintenance is all about having a routine. While you may encounter a lot of advice on hair maintenance, always keep it simple.

Your hair needs moisture, volume, and thickness. When you can keep it moist, voluminous, and thick, you are good. There may be complex routines and ideas but avoid that.

Adding too much product may be harmful in the long term. Using too many products at once prevents you from seeing how your hair reacts.

There lies the power of the LCO method. It’s a simple way to harness all the benefits your curly hair needs.

LCO Method

The LCO stands for liquid-cream-oil. The LOC means the same thing but in a different order. It still uses the same elements of the LCO method but in another order.

There’s a specific reason why you should use LCO and not the LOC method. Styling curly hair requires you to wash hair (use liquid), cream it, and finish with oil.

Using LCO Method

Using the LCO method requires that you follow the sequence of liquid, cream, and oil. That’s all you have to do to reap the benefits.

When you use the LCO method, you can use any shampoo or liquid, cream, and oil. The secret is to use liquid that adds volume or thickness and creams that retain moisture. Oil should work as another layer for sealing the moisture.

When you use it in such a way, your hair is going to have a luscious look. If you want to have even more success, learn how to pick the right products.

Natural Products for LCO Method

The best thing about the LCO method is that you have to think only about three products. Once you find the liquid, cream, and oil, you can start with LCO.

When it comes to liquid, the trick is to find a shampoo without any specific properties. Always look for a hair product that matches your hair type. You may want to look for products for colored or permed hair if that’s your situation.

As for creams, go for a cream that is sealant first. For your other hair routines, you can choose any cream you want. But, for the LCO method, the cream is the primary moisture sealant. Look for a cream that keeps the hair moist and has vitamins and proteins.

Finally, you need oil. The thing about oils is that you can use almost any organic or refined oil. The usual choice of oils consists of Jojoba oil, Avocado oil, and Black Castor Oil.

When you get the products down, it’s time to style your hair.

Styling Curly Hair

Styling curly hair is all about preparation. If you fail to prepare your hair, it’s going to hurt your look.

Luckily, styling curly hair isn’t rocket science. Instead, it’s a sequence of practices you can master after a few times.

Preparation for Styling

Before you style curly hair, you want to prepare it with a specific method. That method resembles the LCO method a lot.

First, you want to wash your hair. It’s best to use a plain shampoo that’s easy to rinse out. During this step, you want to get your hair wet and prepared for the application of the cream.

Once you rinse the shampoo, leave the hair to air dry a bit. Then, it’s time to apply the cream. Depending on the style you want, you have to section your hair before or after you apply the cream.

However, it’s at this moment that you are ready to style your curls.

Defining Curly Hair

When you reach this part, you have to section your hair. Sectioning your hair means that you isolate parts of hair for later modeling.

You can do that by hand or another piece of equipment. Either way, once you section it, proceed to apply the cream.

When you apply the cream, start styling your hair. Follow the tips for getting a specific look. After you finish your hair, use the oil to solidify the look.

By this point, you have a proper hairstyle. That’s how the LCO method helps you to style your curly hair.

Try LCO Method

Maybe this was a lot to take in at once. Don’t worry.

All it takes is practice. You are going to get it down after a few times. And that means that you are going to get a look you always dreamed of.

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