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By admin / March 10, 2022

Travelling around the world isn’t an easy task, considering modern-day conditions and restrictions. People living in or visiting Basel, Switzerland, can go to one more country, crossing no country’s borders! Everything you should do is to discover Auld Dubliner – the Basel pub. Everything here makes people feel like they are exploring Ireland!

Authentic Irish Atmosphere Floating in the Air!

A visit to Auld Dubliner is the best opportunity to get saturated with Irish atmosphere and culture, staying in Basel. This is a true Irish pub located in Basel’s heart. Everything here – from menu to interior – resembles an authentic Irish pub, having a rich history.

Unique interior design enhances true Irish atmosphere. Mel McNally – the leading architect of Irish Pubs – is the person we’re thankful to. Mel has his hands involved in designing interiors for 1000+ specialized Irish facilities! The specialist managed to combine authentic Irish atmosphere with a modern stylish design.

Auld Dubliner displays unique bric a brac brought from different corners of Ireland to enhance the design’s authenticity to the maximum extent.

Atmosphere enhancing isn’t just about appealing architecture and a professionally-designed interior. Auld Dubliner pleases visitors’ music tastes. In this place, you will be able to spend wonderful weekends drinking beer and listening to the best Irish singers and bands, including U-2 – one of the greatest rock bands ever!

Unique Menu

People visit pubs to drink beer. Auld Dubliner is the best pub in Basel for this. Visitors are provided with the possibility to enrich experiences by tasting 14 different beers variations. Every beer displayed is crafted in accordance with the unique recipes fans won’t find in any local bar.

Is beer the most Irish stuff people taste in Auld Dubliner? No. Ireland is a country known for having a rich national history as well as the alcohol drinks’ crafting history. It’s a shame for a bar, claiming to be a true Irish pub, not to offer clients Guinness stout! Guinness is one of the most popular alcoholic drinks. First crafted in 1759 in Arthur’s brewery, it has become a product featuring impressive popularity. Today Guinness isn’t a plain popular drink, it’s a whole brand synonymous with Irish authenticity!

Having Fun

Auld Dubliner is the best option for celebrating any event in your life! The pub’s building has two floors, so you and your friend won’t find it difficult to choose a comfortable place to spend a whale of a time. Prefer dancing? Go to the first floor and burst the dance floor!

There are 27 TVs on the second floor. If you come to the pub after the hard working day to have a rest watching football, rugby, or other sports, with close friends, you’ll get what you want. Once you visit Auld Dubliner the first time, you will be eager to come back!

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