Interviewing Indian E-Commerce Expert : Agam Berry

By admin / January 22, 2019

Agam Berry is a serial entrepreneur and online marketing consultant, who co-owns Quantified Commerce, a company that uses innovation and data to achieve online advertising objectives.

In 2010, Mr. Berry received his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Punjab, then took the plunge and entered the dynamic online marketing industry.

Aside from his work as an expert in the field of digital marketing, Agam spends much of his spare time revealing his thoughts about digital brands and ecommerce. We caught up with him recently, to learn why he is such a strong advocate of ecommerce and the impact it will place on the future.

What initially attracted you to ecommerce?

Increasing numbers of people are purchasing things on the web, so it seemed obvious to me that businesses need to take note, and use ecommerce platforms to sell their services and products.

One big advantage of this is that they can retain an edge over their competitors and operate with less overhead. A well-executed ecommerce plan enables businesses to connect with broader audiences and potentially transact internationally. I presented in an article on the Economic Times not so long ago, which said that over one billion Indians now live in isolated rural areas.

Traditional offline businesses would find it hard to cater to these customers, however online stores are much more convenient for this demographic – particularly since the quantity of online users is constantly growing in areas outside cities.

What is one trait that you think has made you successful in ecommerce?

I think it is that I never rest on my laurels. If I have any ideas that I’m sure will be successful, I push myself to improve them further. A large part of my success has come down to being focused and understanding how to cope with failure.

I have fallen flat on my face plenty of times with past projects, but I always looked at this as a valuable learning experience. I soon realized that developing sound advertising strategies is an excellent way of avoiding failure in business.

If you had to classify yourself as a visionary or an idea executor, what would you chose?

Both. Over the past decade, I have gained a deep insight into the world of business. Companies can use remnant ad inventory sales to raise the profile of their brand effectively. I understand the mechanics of this kind of advertising, and can tell my clients how best to implement it. On the practical side though, I rely heavily on my negotiating skills. I have spent years honing my expertise in this area, and regard this as a major factor in business success.

What is the hardest thing about running an ecommerce business in 2019?

Ecommerce never stands still — so if you do not keep up to speed with it, your company will suffer.

Previously, businesses viewed customer experience as a welcome bonus. Something that would help you to stand out from the crowd, while you try to gain a competitive edge in other areas.

However, in 2019, companies will have to offer an outstanding customer experience as par for the course. Today, it’s more than just launching a new store using Shopify and calling it a day.

There are now customized and interactive online purchasing processes, carried out through social network messaging and smartphone apps — all combined into a single omnichannel experience.

Going forward, successful retailers will cash in by embracing these concepts, while retailers who fail to adapt will continue to fall by the wayside.

Share one fun fact that no one knows about you.

I persuaded my accountant to let me pay him in Bitcoin at the start of 2014. This was quite a feat, given the industry’s reputation back then. I was so proud and it gave me hope for the future of cryptocurrency at that moment. It was definitely a fun and memorable moment in my career.

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