iAdvance Now Review: Do They Offer Financial Solutions For Every Business?

By admin / September 21, 2018

For businesses that are looking to grow and flourish, iAdvance Now offers a wide range of financial solutions that have become a benchmark for the industry. Small businesses that need financing but want to learn about solutions outside the mainstream banking community are turning to iAdvance Now by the thousands.

The professionals at iAdvance Now work with business owners to find the best options, whether that means a loan, an advance against future credit card receipts (or cash deposits), or a line of credit. For new businesses or small entities that don’t yet have their brand established, iAdvance Now can help uncover creative financial solutions for growth. Their team has been helping companies since 2013 and the feedback from former clients is universally positive.

Merchant Cash Advance 101

For companies that need cash for immediate growth opportunities, to cover payroll, or deal with unexpected costs, or just restocking, merchant cash advances based on cash flow or credit card receipts can make a huge difference. At iAdvance Now, the team of advisors will help you decide and apply for whatever option suits your particular situation. The application process takes just a few minutes and you can have your cash within 5 business days in most cases.

How iAdvance Now Helps their Customers

Customers typically choose among four of the iAdvance Now lending options. For business owners who want to obtain cash quickly and easily, there are cash advances based on future cash flow and on future credit card receipts. You can get up to 85 percent of the calculated amount of future cash/credit inflow immediately, and the rest just a short while later.

In addition to cash advances based on credit card and future cash receipts, iAdvance Now offers loans and lines of credit for business owners who have either a one-time need for funding, or prefer a longer-term, more traditional line of credit to supply financing for projects that can help companies grow the smart way.

What the Industry is Saying About iAdvance Now

Industry publications like FeedMyStartup.com note that iAdvance Now is literally changing the way small businesses obtain financing by offering multiple alternatives for owners who seek funding for the short or long term. With their super-fast application process and turnaround time, iAdvance Now is able to offer companies a wide variety of funding options for quick solutions, including business credit, term loans, cash advances, invoice factoring, merchant cash advances, and revolving lines of credit, just to name a few.

iAdvance Now is currently recognized by its peers in the business lending community as being at the top tier of alternative financing sources.

What Real Customers are Saying

Customers’ reviews on review site such as TrustPilot.com routinely mention the iAdvance Now team’s promptness, courtesy, knowledge, and responsiveness. Typical comments from former customers point out that it’s easy to work with the team at iAdvance Now and when firms need ongoing help with funding a specific project, the advisors are always ready to answer questions that pop up along the way.

Words like “quick,” “efficient,” “supportive,” and “professional” are the most common words you’ll see on iAdvance Now review sites.

Connect with iAdvance Now Today

If you want to learn more about iAdvance Now, feel free to contact their professional team directly at 866-448-7628. The company’s website contains a wealth of informative and educational information as well. You can also follow the company on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Get started on the road to financial success today by contacting iAdvance Now and discussing the many options available for business owners who want to grow their companies the smart way.

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