How To Support Yourself Through Significant Health Difficulties

By admin / May 23, 2019

Whether you’re experiencing significant mental health problems or are considering putting yourself through treatment for addiction, it can feel like a daunting step in any recovery process. The first few steps might be some of the hardest you take, but the fact you’ve taken them is what’s important to remember. It can be a challenging time, potentially for your income and also for those around you who want to see you succeed, but it’s crucial to remember that sticking to your path is the key to success.

Don’t punish yourself

Being kind to yourself is key when it comes to undergoing recovery. There may be a period of frustration, and perhaps anguish, but remember that you willed yourself to go through that first important phrase. Being kind to yourself, both physically and mentally, will help to ensure that you stick to your path and head for success.

Get help

Sometimes it’s not possible to withdraw from addiction without professional help, which is something you shouldn’t be scared of. Asking for professional help will only boost your chances of succeeding, and give you a much more positive start to the process. For example, booking yourself into a Southern California rehab center will give you a structured plan, and some much-needed peer support from those who have been in your position.

Pick up a positive regime

If you’re worried about what to preoccupy yourself with after your recovery, then picking up something positive can be hugely beneficial to your recovery. Picking up an exercise or workout routine can help you bounce back to physical health, and also boost you full of feel-good hormones. Choosing a whole food and healthy diet can also help to promote a positive lifestyle, as you’ll find yourself feeling much more full of energy when you’re filling yourself with nutritious food.

Find employment that works for you

Going through significant mental health challenges, or undergoing recovery, can have implications for your employment – you may even discover some cause and effect. It’s advised that you look into this properly, and decide if some supported employment schemes could be the right option for you. Or, alternatively, finding a new employer or part-time work might be worth it if you are struggling with your current employer. Taking plenty of time to research and review your options is advised, particularly when it comes to financial stability.

Take advice with a pinch of salt

While you’re going through treatment and self-help, you may find that well-meaning friends and relatives offer their advice. In fact, those with specific chronic illnesses have experienced this too. It’s good to remember that this often comes from a place of kindness. While some advice can be incredibly useful, some might not be quite right for you. Just be mindful of your own needs when accepting information.

When you’re undergoing recovery, a patch of ill health or a phase of mental health difficulties, it can feel like an uphill battle to support yourself. However, by taking small steps, you can find ways to live more positively and utilize help when it’s needed.

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