How to Save Money on Hotels: 3 Ways to Sleep for Cheap

By admin / March 14, 2022


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There’s nothing more exciting than planning a trip to somewhere new.

You get to look for new sights to see and foods to eat. One thing you shouldn’t plan on, however, is spending more money than you have to on your accommodations.

To cut down on travel expenses, follow these three tips for how to save money on hotels.

1. Be Flexible

Traveling during the peak tourist seasons can add unnecessary expenses to your trip. Hotels, tour groups, and restaurants often charge more due to high demand.

To avoid this, do some research on the “on” and “off” seasons. By choosing to visit during the off-season, you’ll likely find more incentives, discounts, and extras. Just be sure to check travel advisories to make sure there’s not a major reason why people aren’t traveling there during that time.

If you’re dead set on going during the tourist season, consider trying out one of these tips to lower the cost.

You can book during the week instead of a weekend, as the demand is lower during that time. Oftentimes, you’ll also find discounts for last-minute bookings as hotels try to fill their rooms.

Should you feel the need to pay well in advance, consider pre-paying in full at a non-refundable rate. Hotels often give discounts to those who choose this route, as it’s guaranteed income for them.

2. Talk to a Hotel Representative

You can’t bargain with a computer. A better way to strike a deal is to talk with a hotel representative and use a few of the principles of persuasion.

The first and arguably most important principle here is to be friendly. Don’t get upset about rates or try to argue yourself into a discount, as people are less likely to be persuaded by someone who is rude.

Instead, do your research in advance and present your questions with authority. Tell them that you know they have fewer customers in the off-season and that you’d like to meet their need for occupancy while getting a discount.

You should also ask about price matching opportunities with other hotels, as well as ways you can waive hidden fees.

3. Opt for Bundles and Rewards

Why only get a room when you can get so much more?

If there are bundle deals for your location, it will allow you to spend a set amount of money on food, drinks, your room, and activities. This decreases the amount of money you’d inevitably spend at restaurants and bars, which don’t have a set dollar amount to them.

For example, this all inclusive destination in Turkey sets you up with a room and access to local history and cuisine.

You can also get more bang for your buck by joining a reward program that lets you save on travel in the long run. This could be through a hotel chain or with your credit card company. That way, you can earn travel miles or cashback for purchases you were already planning on making.

How to Save Money on Hotels: Travel Like a Pro

With these tips for how to save money on hotels, you can travel like a pro and lower expenses while doing it.

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