How To Make Your Dog’s Crate More Comfortable

By admin / August 18, 2020

Your dogs’ crate should be his or her safe space. Just as humans have a bedroom they can retreat to for some alone time, your dogs’ crate provides them with an area that is all their own. Whenever they feel anxious or tired, they can cozy up in their special spot for a while. Additionally, many people will use their crate during dog training, and making it as comfortable as possible will help your dog feel relaxed when they need to be in their crate for some time. Read on for a few ways to ensure that being in their crate is a positive experience for your dog.

Get the right size and fit

The first and likely most crucial point is to make sure you get the right size kennel for your dog. Crates come in various sizes and styles based on a dog’s breed, age, and temperament. Hard crates are most common since dogs aren’t able to damage them if they chew on the bars. There are soft-sided crates available for dogs who don’t chew, and they are more comfortable, so opt for this style if your dog isn’t a chewer.

For dogs who are already house-trained, get a crate that is big enough for your dog to sleep in comfortably, with enough space to stretch out. They should also be able to stand up and move around a bit to be able to get into a comfortable position. There should also be room to keep a few indestructible toys that can keep your dog entertained, such as bones or toys containing treats.

If you are still house-training your dog, you’ll want a crate that is a bit smaller, with only enough room to sleep and turn around. If your dog has an accident in the crate, they are unlikely to sleep in it, which will train your dog to wait until they are outside.

Make it cozy

You wouldn’t want to sleep on a bed with no bedding, just as your dog wouldn’t want to be in their crate without something cozy to curl up on. You do need to be careful with what you put inside the crate, depending on your dog’s temperament. Mink blankets make a luxurious and soft option for lining your dog’s crate. They are warm and have a waterproof side, meaning that even if your dog has an accident, you don’t need to worry about it leaking on to your floor. Ensure that whatever bedding you choose for the crate, it doesn’t restrict your dog from moving around it with ease. Also, ensure they always have fresh water whenever they are left in the crate.

Place your crate strategically

Where you place the crate will also impact how comfortable your dog will be. Avoid putting the crate in direct sunlight, or your furry friend could overheat. Find a spot that doesn’t get any sunlight. Also, avoid putting the crate near a heat source for the same reason. You’ll also want to put it in an area where your family spends a lot of time. Dogs love being around their family and hiding them away in an unused room will make them feel lonely and anxious.

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