How to Get New Glasses Online: A Step-By-Step Guide

By admin / August 11, 2020

Getting prescription glasses may seem completely unattainable to some people — whether it’s the hefty price tag, lack of time, or lack of knowledge.

But with the internet at our fingertips, getting your hands on the right pair of prescription glasses has never been easier. It’s as simple as finding the right online retailer and having an up-to-date prescription!

Here are a few helpful tips on how to get new glasses online.

How to Get New Glasses in 7 Simple Steps

Whether you’re overdue for an upgrade or you’re tired of straining your vision to see what’s in front of you, finding the right glasses is relatively simple in today’s era.

Some of the most important considerations include an up-to-date prescription, glasses lens material, and frame style. Check out these steps for more:

Step 1: Have an Up-to-Date Prescription and Know Your PD

Before you place your order, you should have your eyewear prescription on hand. Make sure your prescription is valid — it must not be older than two years. Otherwise, you may need to obtain an up-to-date prescription from your optometrist.

You will also need to know your pupillary distance (PD). Basically, this is the distance between the center of each pupil. PD is important for ordering the right size frame to fit your face. You can either get a copy of your PD from your optometrist, or you can measure it yourself.

Here’s how to interpret your prescription so you know exactly what to shop for:

  • Sphere — this term (SPH) refers to the amount of lens power required to correct farsightedness or nearsightedness
  • Oculus Dexter — a reference to your right eye
  • Oculus Sinister — a reference to your left eye
  • ADD — this magnifying power applied to the bottom-half of eyeglasses for those with bifocals
  • Cylinder — also indicated as CYL, this refers to the amount of lens power for those with astigmatism

Bear in mind that you cannot use a prescription for contact lenses to obtain eyeglasses. The two prescriptions are different.

Step 2: Shop With Frame Measurements In Mind

Prescription glasses are useless if they don’t fit your face properly. That’s why it’s important to know your frame measurements while shopping for a new pair.

If you have a pair of glasses that fit well, use those measurements for reference. You can usually find the measurements on the inside of the temple arm. Don’t be tempted to refer to your favorite pair of sunglasses, as frame sizes are naturally larger than eyeglasses.

You want to take these factors into consideration: eye size, bridge size, and temple size. Small frame categories measure as 40-48mm, medium size measure at 49-54mm, large frame at 55-58mm, and extra-large is anything above 58mm.

Step 3: Find the Best Online Retailer

Don’t just buy your eyeglasses from the first online retailer that pops up on Google search. Do your homework on online retailers with a solid reputation.

Read through customer reviews on sites like Yelp and Google review, do a comparison of prices, and always look for a retailer that accepts your insurance!

If you find an online retailer that you love, but they don’t accept your insurance, you can request an invoice and submit it for reimbursement.

Step 4: Pick a Style to Suit Your Face

It goes without saying that not every style of eyeglasses is made to suit every face shape. So you’ll need to do a little research on the best style to suit you.

If you already know the type of frame style you like, use the online filter search to narrow down your choices of frame style. This way you’ll get accurate results based on material, frame size, color, and price range.

Here are a few pointers on how to choose a frame style to suit your face shape:

Diamond Shape

You have strong cheekbones, a narrow chin, and a larger forehead. Rounded frames that are wider at the top may suit you best

Round Shape

Your face is quite circular in shape, with a rounded forehead. Go for frames with a greater width, than height i.e. rectangular frames

Square Shape

You have a prominent, square jawline and chin. Rounded, softer frames may suit your face shape best.

Oval Shape

You have a larger forehead, narrower chin, high cheekbones, but a prominent jawline. This face shape suits almost any style of glasses, but go for something symmetrical, with rounded edges at the bottom

Step 5: Choose the Right Type of Lenses

This is paramount to the function of your eyeglasses and the health of your eyes. Ultimately, your lenses will be determined by your prescription.

But lense types range from single, multifocal, and bifocal. You also get near-view, distant-view, and clear vision across all distance lenses.

Take into consideration the type of lens material and quality of the glass used.

Step 6: Don’t Get Suckered Into Useless Add-Ons

Once you have chosen your frame style and the lens, you’ll then be asked if you want to add-on to your order. These add-ons usually include anti-reflective coating, non-scratch coating, polycarbonate lenses, and more.

All of these add-ons aren’t really necessary if the lens material is high-quality. This also unnecessarily drives up the price of what you’re paying.

Keep in mind that different retailers include the add-ons in their price, while others don’t. Ultimately, you should go with the final price and not the advertised price.

Step 7: Carefully Review the Return Policy

This is important in case the glasses just aren’t a good fit for your face and you need to return them. Make sure you read through the return policy carefully as well as the warranty policy.

You want to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth, and if not, you can return them for something better-suited!

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We hope this blog on how to get new glasses has been insightful and will help you find the best pair of eyeglasses to suit your needs (and budget).

If you’re looking to further hone your online shopping skills, be sure to explore our buying guides section of this website for expert tips.

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