How to Enjoy Pubs, Bars, and Clubs Safely During the Pandemic

By admin / August 12, 2021

The big day has finally arrived; pubs, bars and nightclubs can now open in the UK without social distancing restrictions, and it’s now time to party. We’ve all been waiting for this moment, when we can go out and have fun with our friends whilst also meeting new people. You should, however, proceed with caution; the threat of coronavirus hasn’t disappeared yet. There are several things you should continue doing to keep yourself safe at this time, such as regularly using a COVID rapid test kit. UK government officials have asked the public to use their own judgement, so we’re providing you with some tips about how to make the right choices.

Keep Wearing Masks

Although you’re no longer required to wear masks whilst out in public, it’s still a good idea to do so. The government has said it will be “expected” of people that they wear masks where appropriate, and we agree with this statement. In bars and restaurants in particular, you should continue to wear a mask when you’re not seated at your table. Nightclubs pose a greater challenge when it comes to masks, but you can still choose to wear one whilst queuing or in the bathroom.

Test Yourself Regularly

Before heading out, you should always be using a COVID rapid test kit. UK levels of COVID infection are still high, and there is every chance that you might be an asymptomatic case, so it’s important that you check you are healthy before you leave the house. If you’re going clubbing, it’s probably a good idea to take a rapid test a few days after as well to make sure you didn’t catch anything at that event.

If you feel any symptoms of COVID, such as developing a cough or a fever, you should self-isolate immediately. Try to get a PCR test done if you have symptoms, too.

Practise Social Distancing and Proper Hand Hygiene

Where it’s possible, which isn’t always, you should try to maintain some distance between yourself and others who aren’t members of your household. This can usually be done in bars and restaurants, however might be more difficult in a club.

In nightclubs, your best bet is to make sure you are keeping your hands clean. Many clubs will have hand sanitiser dispensers dotted around the premises, and you should make use of them when you see them. After visiting the bathroom, make sure you wash your hands with soap for the recommended 20 seconds to minimise the risk of you spreading COVID to someone else.

Be Mindful of Others

Although England has relaxed nearly all restrictions, this doesn’t necessarily mean everyone in the country is ready to return to normal yet. Be mindful of this; sometimes you’ll see people in public taking extra precautions to protect themselves, and you should respect them for doing so.

When it comes to your friends, some of them may not quite be ready to return to clubbing like nothing has happened. Try to be accepting of this, and let them take their time to become accustomed to the idea of returning to dancing without pressuring them into making a decision.

Respect the Staff

Some staff members in clubs, for example, may only be returning to work for the first time in over a year. Try to be patient with them, as it may take some time for them to adjust back into pouring drinks and serving people at the bar. The night out will be a much more pleasant experience for everyone if we are all considerate of each other’s feelings.


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