How to Create the Ultimate Getaway Without Leaving your Home

By admin / July 13, 2020

Taking a break and escaping the mundane tasks and chores of everyday life is something people look forward to, with many choosing the summer months to book a week or two in the sunshine. However, due to the uncertain times we currently find ourselves in, a lot of people will not be going away this summer and putting travel plans on hold until some normality is restored.

This is a time for people to get creative, just because we can’t jet off around the world doesn’t mean we can’t create a getaway to escape everyday life. In this post, we’re going to look at the different ways you can add touches around the home and to your outfits to give you those holiday vibes.

Plan your outfits

Just like you would when going away, plan out some outfits to make the experience as realistic as possible. Women can wear long dresses or cotton trousers with a loose fitted blouse. A polo T-shirt paired with some casual trousers for men is a great holiday look. As we’re trying to create getaway vibes, you can even wear a sun hat and sunglasses, or if you’re trying to go for a more relaxed feel, why not opt for just a bathrobe?

Set the theme

Pick a getaway theme and add accessories around the home to help create the atmosphere. Whether you prefer camping in the woods, relaxing on the beach or exploring the city on foot, whatever theme you decide to go for, incorporate this into your home to help create the right ambience. If it’s camping, why not set up a tent or camping chairs and add some LED lights to the room. Or if it’s a beach theme, you could blow up a beach ball, light an ocean scented candle and set aside some beach towels.

Decide on activities

One of the reasons people go away is to take a break from the normal routine activities they would usually do at home. So to create the feeling that you’re on holiday, try to do the activities you would when you are vacationing. Maybe you could grill up some hotdogs or burgers, wander around a historic castle or museum on a virtual tour, or recreate your favourite cocktail and pretend you are lounging by the pool.

These are just some of the ways you can create the ultimate getaway from the comfort of your home. It may not be as good as the real deal, but soon enough we will be able to resume our travel plans and in the meantime we can create some fun, new ‘holiday’ memories along the way.


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