How to Create the Best Profile for Dating

By admin / April 21, 2020

When it comes to finding a date using online methods, your profile is critical. It is the first point of contact between the potential partners and yourself. Although creating a stellar profile may seem challenging as you start, it shouldn’t. Remember, it involves introducing yourself to others to arouse their interest in you. You should not have the pressure of coming out as the wittiest person from what you include there. Unbeknownst to many, some of the best profiles are quite simple.

Here are some tips to help you create the best profile for dating:

Utilize all of the tools to complete your profile

Many people make the mistakes of not entirely using all of the tools provided to portray who they are as they make their profile, so don’t make the same mistake. Where the dating site or app needs you to come up with a username, ensure that you do so. Furthermore, if you should verify your account with your phone number, email, or a social media account, say Facebook, ensure that you do that. If the dating site allows several photos, make sure you use all of them. According to the data gathered and analyzed, the more you use the provided tools, the more feedback you are likely to get.

Be yourself and honest

People will not only feel offended when you lie to them in any way but will also not want to deal with you since they do not know what else you will lie to them about. For example, it is crucial to be yourself if you want to get a date with whom you can take things to another level, or you need someone to hang out with temporarily. It is therefore critical to not leave a doubt of your real interest, like friends with benefits vs dating. A false representation of yourself is also a bad thing, so on your profile, make sure to include your real photo without alterations and describe yourself truthfully.

The photos

Having the appropriate photo on your online profile for dating is vital, especially if you are using an app that does not allow much writing. You need to understand that men and women look at profiles differently. While women look at how best one can describe themselves, men are more interested in photos first. Depending on who you want to attract, upload great photos or express yourself well. You should aim to have a picture that shows your face clearly but not one in which you are hiding behind dark glasses.

You should also consider including full-body photos since it is more likely to get you more comments and connections. It also eliminates the idea that you could be hiding something. Pictures in which you are in action, say cooking or playing an instrument, are also great since they are conversation starters. It is critical to avoid having a group photo as your profile photo because potential dates may mistake another person in the picture for you. Moreover, a photo in which you are smiling will attract many more potential dates. Most importantly, use your most recent images.


You need to be as concise as possible by using descriptors like ‘freelance writer,’ ‘ballet dancer,’ and others as opposed to long sentences. Some apps or sites do not allow a lot of words. Also, display positivity by avoiding disclaimers on your profile because they are a big turn-off for many people. For example, avoid saying things like, “Do not contact me if all you want is just a hookup.”


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