How to Buy Your First Piano

By admin / June 16, 2022


Did you know that a staggering 21 million Americans play the piano?

Now you or a member of your family wants to join them and buy your first piano.

So you’re looking for a piano for your home’s first one. Then, maybe you’re mulling about purchasing your first electronic keyboard? Or maybe go for an acoustic one?

Keep on reading to learn all about the key factors that go into buying the best piano for your needs.

Buying Your First Piano: Set a Budget

First and foremost, you’ll have to decide how much money you have to spend on a new instrument. A piano’s price tag is well-known.

They come in all shapes and sizes, and at all price points. An upright acoustic piano, like the one you’re imagining, will set you back several thousand dollars. Price tags for the majority of these devices top out at about $4,000.

If you really want to buy a piano, you may still do it. It is possible to buy a digital piano for as little as $500 up to $4,000. They have an almost-as-good acoustic feel and sound as the real thing.

Keyboards round out the list. You’ll notice the tiniest ding in your wallet if you choose a keyboard. Most of them cost less than $100, making them the most affordable choice.

Also, you’ll want to include piano lessons for kids in your budget.

Get Accurate Measurements of the Available Space

Every house isn’t equipped to accommodate an acoustic piano, no matter how lovely it may be. You may not have room for a piano since, well, a piano is a huge piece of furniture.

Keyboards and electronic pianos, on the other hand, tend to be smaller. In particular, this is true of the portable keyboard, which you can take with you and play everywhere you go. If you want to jam with a buddy, you can bring your keyboard, but your acoustic piano isn’t something you’d tote about.

If you intend on relocating in the near future, you may want to hold off on purchasing an acoustic piano until then. They are delicate and difficult to move by yourself. Digital pianos are also cumbersome to transport, as opposed to keyboards, which are easy to pick up and go.

Aim for the Basic Features

As a beginner, a classic piano provides you with all of the tools you need to learn how to play effectively. As a result, you’ll have a set of keys that are all equally heavy. You’ll also be able to feel the pedals under your feet.

Unfortunately, these functionalities aren’t always included in keyboards. Weighted keys, for example, aren’t included in the cheaper choices. When studying piano, though, you’ll like this function since it assures that when you push a key, it returns to its original position on a genuine piano.

The weighted keys, on the other hand, will help you improve finger strength and dexterity, which is essential if you ever convert to an acoustic instrument.

As a result, getting a keyboard with weighted keys is a wise first step.

Buying a Piano: Getting the Right Piano to Learn On

When shopping for your first piano, the sheer amount of options on the market can be overwhelming. We hope that our guide has shed some light on the key factors you’ll want to take into consideration.

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