How Earth Friendly Shoes Help the Planet

By admin / February 26, 2021

On average, a family can waste 180 gallons of water each week. There are more ways to conserve water than cutting down on usage in your home. In fact, you can help water conservation by buying ethically produced shoes.

Read on to learn about earth friendly shoes and how they help the planet.

What Are Sustainable Shoes?

Earth friendly shoes, or sustainable shoes, are made using recycled waste through an eco-friendly manufacturing process. They contribute to environmental conservation by minimizing toxic waste because of the use of recycled materials. The manufacturing process involves less water and harmful chemicals.

There are no animal products in these shoes which means animals are not harmed due to the making of them. A lot of brands are beginning to make sustainable shoes to contribute more to environmental conservation. It is becoming a more competitive market as people are looking for more sustainable options.

Benefits of Eco-Friendly Shoes

The rundown of eco-friendly shoes and their benefit to the environment is the way they are manufactured. The factors that make this possible include:

Raw Materials

Sustainably made shoes are manufactured with multiple materials like bamboo, cork, organic cotton, recycled plastics, and natural rubber. Other shoes come from non-recycled plastic that adds to pollution levels.

Using non-animal products to manufacture vegan shoes is also beneficial. Farming meat for human consumption is a huge contributor to global warming. Methane gas is produced by cattle and is one of the biggest causes of greenhouse gas.

When animals are not used to make shoes and other items of clothing, there are fewer cattle to produce greenhouse gases. When you manufacture shoes from recycled materials, there is a reduction of plastic in landfills and oceans.

Human-Centric Manufacturing Process

Are eco-friendly shoes really better? When it comes to the use of raw materials and the manufacturing process, the answer is yes. Vegan shoes made of plant-based leather can be manufactured using bio-oils from organic crops. This means the shoes are eco-friendly, comfortable, and breathable.

The manufacturing process is good for the environment and human-centric. Because toxic chemicals are not part of the process, workers aren’t at risk of inhaling chemicals and developing health issues.

These ethically produced shoes had led to a movement beyond helping the environment. Companies gaining interest in vegan shoes tend to treat the raw materials and their employees better.

Reduced Water Consumption

Reduced water consumption is an indirect benefit that buying vegan shoes can complete. Big brands have worked to require less manufacturing water by using a waterless dye process. This process alone can save millions of gallons of water.

Water is a natural resource that must be preserved for survival. When you buy sustainable shoes, you reduce your carbon footprint.

Brand Building

Vegan shoes can benefit brands as they become more conscious of environmental conservation. Customers tend to prefer brands that care for the environment.

For brands, working towards sustainable shoes is a long-term branding strategy. When you shop brands that offer these types of shoes, you are helping them connect with the community and Earth overall.

Unique Options

The fast-paced manufacturing market has made many brands go towards the same designs. One major advantage of buying these shoes is that they are a unique footwear option.

When you buy these shoes, you are getting more for your money because they are durable. In hindsight, you get a stylish option, save money, and help the environment all in one.

How to Find the Best Earth Friendly Shoes

Before buying earth friendly shoes, there are a few factors to consider. This will help ensure the shoes are what they are said to be.

Materials Used

We’ve discussed how important raw materials are to the environment which is why it is necessary to check that the shoes are made of recycled materials. A unique example of recycled materials is ocean waste.

This specific material can help reduce the waste in the ocean. However, any recycled material will help the environment in some way.

Before buying vegan shoes, check the label to ensure the shoes are actually made from recycled materials.


Synthetic compounds take a longer time to decompose which is why durability should get checked before buying. The last thing you want to do is buy a vegan shoe that will end up in waste again. The soles of shoes can take over 1,000 years to completely decompose.

A durable pair of sustainable shoes can last a long time. You won’t have to replace them as often so you can create less toxic materials and waste.

Fair Practices

Brands that follow fair trade practices are going to have the best vegan shoes. A fair trade practice involves supporting local businesses and the community. This helps ensure good working conditions and reduces the number of exploitative labor practices.

In third-world countries, exploitative labor is common. These workers compete in horrible conditions and get paid slim wages. When you buy from a business that works with fair trade practices, you don’t have to hold the guilt of owning items that are made by slave labor.

Live More Sustainably With Vegan Shoes

As many brands are moving towards stylish earth friendly shoes, there are a lot of options to choose from. Brands use recycled materials to make vegan shoes using a healthier manufacturing process. If you want to do your part for the environment and lessen your carbon footprint, you can get a pair of sustainable shoes now.

Living sustainably is a lifestyle. Read our other blog posts for more lifestyle content.

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