How Bullying Can Lead To Suicide

By admin / December 16, 2019

Is there a link between bullying and suicidal behaviors? According to the many recent studies on the relationship between bullying among adolescents and suicidal behaviors of individuals in this population, there is a definite association between the two. Both bullying and suicidal behaviors have become increasingly common among today’s youth population with suicide becoming the third leading cause of death among adolescents and an estimated twenty to fifty-six percent of youth being involved in bullying either as a victim, a perpetrator, or both. Subsequently, bullying is now an extremely prevalent health concern that requires a great deal of focus in today’s society (Hertz, Donato, and Wright, 2012).

Adolescents that engage or are victim to bullying are at a higher risk for suicide. Studies have found that while the relationship between bullying and suicide is an extremely complex one, the consequences that result from bullying have a long-term negative effect on the individual’s involved. Adverse consequences of bullying include various psychological issues such as depression, anxiety, abuse, low self-esteem, isolation, low school performance, to name a few. According to Alavi, Reshetukha, Prost, Antoniak, Patel, Sajid, and Groll (2017), the build-up of the various mental health issues that are experienced by adolescents involved in bullying have led to their eventual suicidal ideations and attempts in later years during their adolescence. Clearly, there is a strong association between youth who are involved in bullying and the development of various mental health problems, many of which are the underlying issues that lead to his or her suicidal behaviors.

Bullying is a prevalent health issue in today’s society, particularly among adolescents. It is well established through research done in this area that involvement in bullying among the youth population has a detrimental impact on one’s mental health (Alavi, et. al., 2017). It is clear that the various mental health issues that result from involvement in bullying are contributing risk factors to suicidal behaviors among this population and it is imperative that, as a society, this grave issue be looked at and tackled.

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