Health Benefits of Using RAD140 [Testolone]

By admin / February 29, 2020

When people talk about supplements that help in fitness and bodybuilding you will often hear RAD140 being mentioned.

This is simply because it has various health benefits that help different people depending on how they are used and what they are being used for. The supplement triggers various body receptors and makes them act as they would if they were exposed to testosterone.

This usually makes many people ask themselves, why would someone need artificial triggers or supplements of testosterone? Well, before we look at the benefits, let us first see what RAD140 is. Click here to find out more.

What is RAD140?

This is one of the selective androgen receptor modulators, also known as SARM supplements. It is used through oral ingestion and has the ability to help an individual to achieve various goals much further than just shading off some fat and getting strong.

RAD140 is also known as testolone and has almost the same similarities as anabolic steroids. In fact, if you have used anabolic steroids in the past, you will notice that testolone produces similar effects as well.

However, the main difference comes from the fact that it doesn’t have too many negative side effects. This is because they only target specific body receptors and not all the body tissues. The supplement is most of the time compared to testosterone since they do have similar effects on the body.

It only produces a mild boost of this hormone to the body. Everything else works just the same as testosterone and that is why people who are using it always get the same anabolic effect while avoiding negative estrogenic effects at the same time.

How does it work?

Of course, if you are planning to try out a new thing, it is always advised that you take some time and figure out how it works fast.

This is why people are always encouraged to do a bit of research before they start using a product, especially if it is the first time. This will help you to know a lot about the product, how you should use it and the affects you should expect when using it.

Compared to other SARMS supplements, this one works just the same. Each one of them has a selective mode of action. When ingested, the supplement will link with specific androgen receptors, which include those in bones and muscle tissues.

As the process is going on the other body receptors that are not involved will not be touched and therefore, they will remain triggered. How this supplement works in the tissues to give out various benefits is still not known clearly.

This is because all the studies and research that has been conducted only focuses on the selectiveness of the process. However, due to the selective nature of the supplement, it is often considered to be safe for both males and females.

Women are actually encouraged to use it because it does not cause virilization and clitoris enlargement which are some of the side effects associated with using large amounts of testosterone.

Another thing worth noting about the RAD140 supplement is the fact that it doesn’t get converted or transformed into other hormones. This is because it has a unique structure as compared to that of steroids. This makes it work more effectively.

This particular supplement works in the body by stimulating the bones and muscles while restraining the prostate tissues and seminal vesicle from working.

It, therefore, means that using RAD140 doesn’t increase the production of sperm and it certainly is not responsible for the release of liver enzymes which are always known to have some toxic effects.

With that said, now let us look at some of the benefits of using this supplement. Follow this link to see some tips to using the product properly

Benefits of using RAD140

Here are a few health benefits you should expect to enjoy when using this supplement.

1. No breast cancer

As mentioned before, the supplement can help you to avoid the negative impacts of estrogen on the body tissue by the production of ESR1 protein. This is what is responsible for the growth of cancer cells in those suffering from breast cancer.

2. Fighting neurodegenerative disease

Well, even though this hasn’t been confirmed on humans yet, Different studies showed that it helped in fighting brain nerve injuries in rats. This is usually caused by the same proteins that are responsible for Alzheimer’s, the amyloid-beta proteins. Researchers have therefore concluded that the supplement can be used to treat similar neurodegenerative diseases in humans too.

3. Bodybuilding and fitness

This is among the main benefits provided by RAD140. As we all know, the supplement also has a great impact when it comes to building muscles and losing fat.

These two are among the main elements of bodybuilding and therefore this supplement offers a great solution for muscle builders and fitness enthusiasts.

It plays an important role when it comes to testosterone replacement therapy. As it reduces the side effects of testosterone intake, it also boosts your endurance and improves your strength. This will make you want to go even harder and that is how it contributes to weight loss and bulking.


As we have seen, not all supplement products are bad just as much as they are good. But, this doesn’t mean that they should now be misused. Misusing any drug can cause serious health complications and therefore you should consult with a professional before purchasing them or even using them. Using supplements might not be a bad thing after all. Just make sure to use them moderately and under your doctor’s instructions.


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