Hairdressers are Not the Only Ones at Fault for Hair Damage

By admin / January 12, 2018


After a trip to the salon that ended up with a disaster, the hairdresser is definitely the culprit. You will blame the person for not providing you with quality service. Worse, you ended up with an injury. You could have bald spots caused by the wrong chemicals being used. You could also have thinner hair for the same reason.

Your first reaction might be to scream and blame the hairdresser. This is a natural reaction and you have the right to be angry. You expected to look better upon leaving the salon, but you left with a bigger problem.

You might also be thinking of suing the hairdresser and filing a hairdresser compensation claim for damages. While thinking about this decision, you realise that the hairdresser might not have the financial capacity to pay. You might also abandon this idea because you feel bad for the hairdresser, especially if what happened was an accident.

Although the hairdresser is mostly to blame and you can rightfully do so, the management should also be included in your anger. They are responsible for deploying their staff to work for their clients. If they have made a decision to send someone incompetent and it resulted in this problem, they are definitely at fault.

Furthermore, the damage might be due to poor equipment used or expired chemicals. They are under the responsibility of the management. In this case, you have the right to ask for compensation.

This should serve as a lesson

You ask for compensation because you need the money for recovery and rehabilitation. You might also get fired from your job because of your altered looks. Now you’re out of work and your life is off balance. You can sue for those reasons. However, aside from money, you also want justice. You didn’t ask to be treated that way. You gave them your entire trust. They should have been more careful.

If they learn from this lesson, then potential future clients will not become victims. They will be more careful in handling their clients the next time around. Otherwise, the government has the right not to give them business permits.

This is a long fight

This will be a long battle and it could go on for months or even years. You just have to be patient. You also need to cooperate with your lawyer. With a legal expert by your side, you will feel more confident that you can win the case if ever you go to court. If not, you might still get a good amount as compensation in a settlement. Experts like those at deserve your trust. Don’t think about legal fees yet, since you will only pay if you win the case.

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