Four Top Tips for Wedding Planning — How to Plan a Wedding Yourself

By admin / July 3, 2023

When you plan a wedding yourself, you can save costs without cutting corners. You can usually get everything you want without really having to compromise. Wedding planning is no walk in the park. It’s tiring, and it’s draining, and you must mentally be prepared for the toll it can take on you. Orchestrating your wedding and making sure everything runs smoothly is a burden you’ll be carrying for a while, so start preparing yourself.

  • Think About Everything You Want

Begin thinking about everything that you want and would like to have at your wedding. Take time at the start of the planning process to really think about what you’d like. When you do this, you can be sure that you’re not overlooking any key details. For example, would you like a band for entertainment at your reception? Would you like silk flowers instead of real flowers? Would you like a neutral décor or theme? Or are you wanting something a bit more vibrant and livelier?

Useful Info: Put together idea boards about what your dream day will look like. Collect images and put together all the scrap pieces of paper you have. This way, you can then see what your ideas look like, and what your day may resemble.

  • Book the Venue as Soon as You Can

Venues can get booked up in advance, and some will even have a waiting list. If you’re looking at historic wedding venues you’ll understand how important it is to book in advance, especially to avoid disappointment. When you’re booking venues, it’s a good idea to visit your chosen venue if you can. This way, you can envisage what your day will feel like, as well as what it will look like. When you’re booking a venue, always be clear about what your requirements are. This way, a venue can do their best to meet or even exceed your expectations.

  • Get Family and Friends Involved

Lighten the load a little and reach out to family and friends where you can. Delegate some of the responsibilities. Give them jobs to do (even if they only seem trivial to you). When you can share the workload, you can once again enjoy planning your wedding. If you don’t have any friends or family to support you, then why not try and seek support online? There are often groups that you can join that have other members who are planning their own weddings.

  • Love Lists and Stay Organized

There will be a lot of things that you’ll have to do in the run up to your wedding. You’ll find that planning your wedding requires you to be very organized. You’ll also find it requires you to love lists. When you have lists to refer to, you know what needs to be done, when, and why. Without having checklists to follow, you may struggle to seamlessly pull a wedding together, and this may leave you feeling stressed.


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