Five Things That Can Improve Our Happiness

By admin / March 4, 2021
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Do you often feel like the stresses and worries of daily life prevent you from being happy? If so, there is no need to worry because this is the case for many people all over the world. Many of us struggle to stay positive when we are thrown the bad week after week. However, there are ways we can stay happy and improve our positive mindset overall. How do you keep yourself happy? Keep reading to find out five wonderful things you can try to keep you happy.


The first on our list is therapy. For many years, counselling and online therapy have been a very taboo subject; but thanks to different individuals for being so open, more of us are reaching out each year. Research has found that therapy can improve one’s mood in the long term, rather than providing short term relief. Plus, therapy and counselling are easy to access nowadays – there are even counselling apps available to download!


As well as therapy providing a long-term solution to improving happiness, yoga is also an excellent option. Many yogis across the globe use the practice as an ultimate meditation tool to calm the mind and relax the body. It may not seem like it, but yoga can be a very strenuous exercise with the amount of stretching that’s involved. It is also a great way to ground yourself and stay in touch with your emotions. Let’s get those endorphins flowing!

People, Woman, Yoga, Meditation, Fitness, Health


Thirdly, we recommend trying journaling if you’re feeling a little under the weather. There are many different forms of journaling and what you choose will usually depend on how much time you have and your interests. We can journal our plans, goals, hobbies or just simply use a journal as a diary. Getting our thoughts down on paper is a great way to free the mind of all worries, especially before bedtime.


Sometimes making plans and seeing them through can be quite difficult, however, that’s not to say that things will stay like this forever. We have all fallen victim to cancelling our plans at the last minute, but we can assure you that this isn’t anything to be concerned about. When you feel like you can, you should attempt to make plans with your loved ones – whether it is family or friends. Socialising serves a fantastic purpose to take our mind off our worries. Despite being a short-term solution, it will increase our happy hormones the more we do it.


Have you ever tried self-care? We don’t mean the usual facemask and night in yourself with your favourite nail polish. We believe that true measures of self-care increase happiness over time. This could be keeping up with taking your medications and vitamins, maintaining a healthy diet, exercising, taking time for yourself and being mindful of your emotions. Gradually building up a cohesive self-care process will make you happier in the long run – trust us.

Will you try any of our recommendations?

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