Elder Scrolls VI. What Do We Know so far?

By admin / July 29, 2020

Whether it is playing simple slot machines at VulkanVegas.com or playing high-end games on various platforms like Xbox and PSP, gamers are always curious to know about the latest developments. One important game that has kept the players on the edge of their seats in the last few years has been Elder Scrolls. This open-world action game debuted in 1994 and has released 5 critically acclaimed titles. Its latest release, called Skyrim was launched in 2019, and ever since the players have been scrapping every corner of the internet to dig about the next instalment. So here we are providing all that we have come to know about the Elder Scrolls VI.

What Made the Series so Popular

Before we get into the details of Elder Scrolls VI, here is a discussion on a very commonly asked question: Why are Elder Scrolls games so popular. There can possibly be hundreds of factors that elevate any game from the status of being good to becoming great and acquiring cult status.

Open World Mechanism

Elder Scrolls is an Open World game where the players get to modify their content. Opposed to linear and one-dimensional games, these titles allow the players to show their creativity. Developers leave ample space for the players to modify the virtual world that they can explore. GTA 3 set the standards in open-world gaming, and Elder Scrolls elevated them.

Captivating Game Play

The titles released in this franchise have got some of the most captivating storylines. They set a world where the players are lost in their quest, exploring their own narratives, while dealing with a multitude of philosophical or existential crises. For example, Skyrim shows a conflict between races, their origin, and a fight for supremacy. If one gives the idea ample thought, it isn’t too different from our own real world.

Once you pick a side in this game, you start to feel for the characters. This is its power, its charm. And it’s enjoyable. It is no wonder that all the 5 titles have won multiple Game of The Year awards in the past.

A Teaser and RedFall

Elder Scrolls Skyrim was a blockbuster success. And some of you might be able to recall that Tod Howard himself released a teaser of the 6th title in the franchise. Yeah! That was way back in 2018. After that ZeniMax, the parent media company of Bethesda Gaming got into a trademark dispute as they tried to claim the name RedFall. The company went on to win the dispute and now owns the word RedFall. Since it took the matter with utmost seriousness, it was being speculated that the 6th title of the series could be called Redfall.

This could be the name of a particular plague, that originated in the kingdom of Peryte. However, it still remains a guessing game as there has been no official word on the actual name of the upcoming chapter.

Latest Developments on Elder Scrolls VI

Okay, so before we even begin with this part, here is a bit of information that we received straight from the top officials of the company. Bethesda said in a press release: “Players are definitely going to get Elder Scrolls VI. But the game is years away in development”. This would come as a big relief to those who are waiting as Bethesda once shocked the gaming community by saying that it wasn’t going to work on further titles in the series.

Todd Howard, the game director at the company also noted in an interview with IGN, that the 6th part of the epic action play game wouldn’t be released until the company has released Starfield. He had specifically asked the players to be patient as given the global state of affairs and the projects in the pipeline, and ES VI is not the top priority.

He further said that the latest addition in the critically acclaimed series is going to involve all the studios of Bethesda. Some of these studios are involved in developing Fallout and Starfield titles. Although this might sound a bit disappointing to all the fans, who were eagerly waiting for some information, here is the silver lining. Elder Scrolls VI is definitely happening. You just have to be patient. After all, developing a game of this level needs years of hard work from creative teams of various sizes.


It is very much clear that the 6th instalment in this reputed series is going to be a reality. But the company is not opening its cards on the date of release, development progress, or any of that stuff. So the players can engross themselves in playing the other versions. If they are looking for some kind of easy entertainment, then slot machines can be a very suitable alternative to role-playing games.


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