Don’t Be Sucker! Hints & Tips for Winning in a Casino

By admin / April 22, 2020

There’s no doubt that many of us enjoy visiting a casino due to the exhilarating and entertaining games available, but we’d be mocking ourselves if we pretended we were not there first and foremostly for the utterly life-changing jackpots up for the taking. This has been the key attraction for as long as we can remember, naturally; jackpot cities such as Las Vegas and online casinos like goldrush would never have become quite so admired without the enormously tempting cash prizes available to win. Casino games might be more innovative, entertaining and fun-filled than ever before, but the fact is, ultimately it’s the jackpot prizes that draw us to them, even in the 21st century.

So, visiting a casino is often an activity we participate in due to our desires to land an attractive sum of money. So how do we do this? If you don’t know how to win at casino slot games, it’s going to be virtually impossible to take home the cash prize. Of course, there is no way to guarantee a win; however, there are several factors you can work on to ensure you’re winning as much as you possibly can whilst participating in casino gambling. These range from simple reminders to tips of a more advanced nature, and if you follow them, you could be on your way to grabbing a few appealing cash prizes for yourself.

Don’t Play as a Total Novice

Firstly, if you wager your cash on slots as a complete novice, it’s unlikely you’re going to win a lot of cash, if anything at all. As a beginner slots player, you won’t be familiar with how casinos work and could very well end up losing the cash you have risked. You may also become victim to an opportunistic gambler, also, depending on the type of casino game played. If you’re seen as an easy target, other gamblers could try to take advantage of that for their own financial benefit.

Therefore, it is important to acquaint yourself with casinos and and getting to know the games before commencing on a full gambling session. There are several guides online including blog posts and tips for specific casino games; it could also be worth speaking to friends, if they are casino-goers themselves. Chatting and learning about their own experiences and discoveries could prove to be highly valuable in preparing you for your own casino experience, and boosting your confidence.

Be Familiar with Casino Lingo & Etiquette

You’re not going to get too far within a casino if those around you are using phrases and words which you don’t understand, so make it your focus to get to grips with some of the common casino etiquette and lingo. You will only have to repeat it yourself later down the line anyway, and learning it early puts you in good stead. You’ll create the impression of a more experienced gambler, and understanding casino etiquette could even prevent you from being asked to leave the casino! Here are some of the basics:

  • Dress smartly. Casinos are often upmarket; so make an effort, or you may not even be allowed in the premises.
  • Avoid the selfie. There’s barely any escaping this modern-day phenomenon, and of course many visit casinos with the intent of posting about their antics on social media. This is actually disfavoured within the gambling industry, so keep your smartphone in your pocket and don’t give in to the temptation to take a social media selfie.
  • Don’t drink too much. Not only could this result in you being asked to leave, being too intoxicated can negatively affect your gambling session.
  • Pay attention to the dealer. Amateur casino players can often be too preoccupied to fully listen to the dealer when they are talking. Give them your full attention; it’s good etiquette and being informed can only serve to enhance your experience of the game.

These may sound incredibly simple tips, but they are important to follow and not all casino goers do, unfortunately. You will also want to research some of the most used casino lingo relating to varying slots and table games before your visit.

Choose the Best Casino to Visit

The basics are out of the way, so now let’s focus on the casino that you are going to visit. Casinos can vary hugely in terms of quality, depending on your geographical location. Ideally, find a venue where the house edge is low, as this means that as a casino player, the odds are better for you securing a win.

Then there’s the issue of reliability and trust. Of course, you probably won’t go wrong with huge brand name casinos, whom are likely to be trusted to hand over your winnings in order to protect their reputation, but it’s the smaller, lesser-known casinos where issues may arise. Research your choice of casino to minimise the chances of landing yourself in a scenario where you can’t retrieve your legitimately won prize.

Settle on the Right Casino Game

You now know the basics and you’ve found the perfect casino to play at, what happens next? Now it’s time to find a suitable casino game for you to play. There are so many to choose from, whether it’s the dynamic Roulette game, suspense-filled Poker or the sensational entertainment of slot machines? Each type of game has its advantages and disadvantages, it’s up to you to find them out; a quick read of online blogs and posts should help. You can even practice playing online slots and casino games first at online casinos such as Gold Rush Slots.

Seek Out Advantages

Experienced and successful casino gamblers will tell you that any possible advantage is used in their favour. This might include finding a poor Poker player to participate in a game with, for instance, or observing progressive jackpot slots that haven’t dished out a win in a while and could be due to pay out. Many players will carefully observe the Roulette wheel also, in case there are tiny marks or blemishes on the wheel that can influence where the ball might land.

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