Are Statement Glasses a Good Choice for You

By admin / July 10, 2019

From celebrities and catwalks to street style, it is hard to ignore the fact that glasses are getting bigger and bolder in fashion terms these days. Whether it is hipster chic with ‘geeky’ retro frames or upmarket glamor with frames that feature a bit of sparkle, a lot more people are wearing glasses that have a strong look of their own, rather than going for more subtle, classic frames. If you wear eyeglasses and are consider buying a new pair, it can be hard to know whether this is a trend you want to follow or not. While it can look cool, it can also be hard to pull off, and equally, statement glasses can draw attention away from other elements of your outfits that you may prefer to have being the star of the show.

Here are some things to think about if you’re considering buying some statement glasses:

Will They Be Your Only Pair?

If you just want to add an additional pair of glasses to your accessory wardrobe, then going for a bold style can give you a lot of new options for creating cool looks. However, if you can only afford to have one pair of glasses, or are buying glasses for the first time, then you probably want something more versatile and less trend focused, so that you can pair them with everything else you wear. You can find some stunning, sophisticated luxury glasses like those with Prada frames that can give you a fashion edge without jumping on the statement glasses trend if it isn’t practical for you to own multiple pairs.

Do They Match Your Usual Style?

If you have a fairly strong look anyway, for instance you are into retro style, or you dress in a certain way all the time, then it may be easier to add statement glasses than if you tend to wear a range of different looks, from business smart to sporty casual. Wearing statement glasses will draw attention to your overall look, and if you have bold glasses but are just wearing basic jeans and a sweater, it can look incongruous. Equally, it can be hard to pair a quirky retro glasses look with a fairly understated or classic style of dress. If you have quite an expressive, creative style, you will find it easier to make bold glasses work with whatever you want to wear. But if that’s not you, stick with something more subtle and play with bold jewelry or other less permanent things when you want a statement accessory.

Do You Feel Confident in Them?

Of course, the real key to pulling off any look is confidence, and if you feel silly wearing bold glasses or are constantly worried that you’re being compared to Elton John in the ’70s, then don’t feel any pressure to join the trend! Plenty of people look just as cool in more sleek, simple glasses and don’t have to muster up the confidence to put them on each day, so make sure that whatever style you choose, it’s one you can own with confidence!

Statement glasses are certainly big news in fashion, but it’s down to your own taste and style whether they’ll be a good fashion investment for you!

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