Above-Ground vs. Underground Water Storage Tank: Where Should You Store Your Water?

By admin / May 19, 2020

Did you know that 26% of houses in Australia have a tank to gather water? Gathering rainwater is a great way to collect a needed resource and also to lower your water usage costs.

However, if you want to invest in a water tank or need to replace yours, you may be faced with a dizzying array of options. Tanks today are made in different colors, shapes, and sizes. What’s more, are underground water storage tanks better than overground?

Why not take a minute to read our in-depth article to find out.

Underground Water Storage Tanks

Underground water storage is perfect for those who have a limited amount of space. Underground water storage tanks are also safer from vandalism and theft as they are out of reach of nefarious people.

There are literally thousands of designs and colors of water tanks to choose from, why not check out the professional tank providers www.watertankfactory.com.au for more information.

Pro: Low Profile

When you choose to place your tank underground, you avoid changing the current look of your real estate. Your lawn, garden, or yard will look exactly the same after the work has been accomplished.

Some have chosen to build modular or moveable structures on top of their underground water tanks. This is useful as you can remove them if you need to access the water tank in the future. There will also be a small number of pipes leading from the tank to the house. These will be covered by any structure above it.

Con: Higher Cost

The main disadvantage of an underground water storage tank is the cost. Not that the tank is much more expensive, however, there is extra processes involved. The main being the excavation of the space for the tank and the ground penetrating radar services to ensure the chosen position is safe to excavate and free from gas line, cables and sewage pipes.

After this, you will have to purchase water pumps to move the water to your home. These will need to be good quality pumps as it will not be easy to access them later to perform regular repairs.

Above-Ground Water Tanks

If you are looking for an option that involves cheaper installation and easier access, then above-ground tanks are for you. This is also a better option if you do not expect to live in the dwelling long term.

Pro: Easier to Maintain

If a tank is underground and develops problems, this is very difficult to diagnose and fix. Above ground, tanks are obviously far easier to access. You can easily inspect it simply by observation on a regular basis. This saves both time and money.

Con: Difficult to Maintain Temperature

An underground tank is insulated to some degree by the ground around it. An above-ground tank is exposed. This can lead to water heating in the summer and freezing in winter.

Above-Ground vs. Underground: Which Is for You?

Watertanks are a great way to trap rainwater and create a reservoir of clean water for your home. Whether you will choose underground water storage tanks or overground will depend on your personal circumstances.

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