6 Unique Wedding Ceremony Ideas For An Unforgettable Day

By admin / June 16, 2021

While weddings are beautiful, special, and romantic, they can also be a bit boring at times. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to implement creative wedding ceremony ideas to change things up a little.

Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through when planning your wedding ceremony.

If you’re looking for interesting wedding ceremony ideas but aren’t sure where to start, keep reading for unique ways to make your wedding stand out.

Include Your Pets

Involving your pets is one of the best unique wedding ceremony ideas that allows you to change your ceremony without deviating too much from tradition.

Whether your dog escorts you down the aisle or your bird acts as your ring bearer, flying your ring down, there are a ton of fun ways to involve your pets to make your ceremony extra special.

Cleansing Ritual

Based on a traditional Japanese wedding ritual known as decontamination, cleansing is a spiritual act that involves removing negative energy.

This is not only a great way to bring culture into your wedding, but it also allows you to enter your marriage feeling positive and free of hesitation. Just be sure to fully research and understand this ceremony before performing it!

Unity Sand

A beautiful ritual for blended families, unity sand involves bringing each spouse’s children up to pour two different colored grains of sand into one jar. This is a wonderful way to have a personalized wedding ceremony.

This symbolizes both families blending to become one. This is a special way to include both your and your spouse’s children and ensure that they feel like family.

Spice Up Your Venue

Changing up your venue is a great way to provide a unique wedding ceremony for you and your guests. This gives you the chance to have a traditional wedding ceremony in an unconventional location.

From aquariums to historic landmarks, there are so many amazing venues you can choose that are full of character, giving you a creative wedding ceremony!

A Rose for the Mothers

A sentimental way to pay homage to the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom is for each to receive a rose after the ceremony concludes.

You don’t have to leave out the dads either! Dads can receive anything from a rose to a cigar. This is a great way to include your parents and thank them for their love and support.

Involve Your Guests

If you’re having a small wedding, a great way to keep the intimate energy is to involve your guests in the wedding. There are a ton of beautiful ideas that you can choose from.

Whether you have each guest bring a lock with well wishes to lock onto your trellis or have a candle lighting ceremony, there are beautiful ways to involve your close friends and family.

Implementing the Best Wedding Ceremony Ideas

No matter what type of bride you are or what you want your wedding to look like, there are a ton of great wedding ceremony ideas that you can implement to make your wedding memorable.

Don’t let anyone dictate your special day. If you want to have a unique wedding ceremony, go for it! You only get married once.

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