6 Tips to Adding Patio Heat To Your Deck

By admin / April 6, 2019

You can extend the time you spend outdoors by adding a fire feature to your deck. A heated deck can serve as a focal place where you can gather with your family or friends and enjoy some time outdoors. Fire features vary in price, custom-design, and other elaborate materials. A simple fire pit will cost you around $200, but there is a wide selection available in the market. However, it is always vital to research instead of buying impulsively. Check your local wood-burning laws when selecting your fuelling option. However, you may consider environmental choices such as gas and butane. If you want to spend more time outdoors, consider these six tips for adding patio heat to your deck.

  1. Fire Table. These fire features will warm up your deck and also provide you with the convenience of a table. Some of them come with the possibility of providing you with an open fire. Others convert to a perfect table by closing the burner with a matching lid. Since you will find several options in the market, it is crucial that you read the best fire pit table reviews before purchasing one.
  2. Fire Pit. Due to their low cost, ease of use, and portability, fire pits are the most popular type of deck fire feature. Fire pits are available in different sizes and shapes. Manufacturers of this fire feature designed it to be situated low to the ground. You can use wood to fuel your fire pit, but propane or gas-fueled fire pits provide better air quality.
  3. Outdoor Fireplace. A fireplace creates both a focal point in your deck and a sense of permanence. With a low table, you can turn the deck to a true outdoor room. You can either opt to buy a prefab unit or make one yourself. For better results, take time to research. You can use brick, stone, concrete, or metal to build your fireplace. When choosing the perfect location, consider the low-hanging trees, nearby structures, and whether the smoke will blow to your neighbor.
  4. Chimineas. A chiminea is an affordable fire feature made of metal or clay. Most people love chimineas since they vent the smoke using their chimney extensions. Make sure that the chiminea is sturdy and that it has a spark screen.
  5. Heated Floors. You can warm up your deck with a radiant. Although heated floors are more often associated with interiors, they are gradually gaining popularity with outdoor space. You will need to call a professional to install the system for you.
  6. Heat Lamps. The best thing about these portable patio heaters is that they do not take up much space. Heat lamps often use propane as their fuel. An average unit of heat lamps can heat a space of about 20 square feet. Additionally, they are beautiful to have around especially when dining outside.

With these tips, you can stay warm while enjoying your outdoor time.


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