5 Ways to Dress up this Christmas

By admin / November 8, 2019

The holiday season is not just about sitting on your cozy corner couch beside the fireplace and listening to your favorite music. It brings in many festivities and traditions. It’s the time that everyone waits to get together and enjoy the delicious family dinner. In the hustle-bustle of our monotonous life, we seldom have time to get in touch with lots of loved ones, and Christmas is the time when we get reconnected with our dear ones, once again. With the holiday season approaching right on us, the most anticipated and thoughtful chore is to select the best attire for this Christmas eve.

Woman in White Sleeveless Dress Sitting on Dining Chair

The struggle for selecting a perfect dress that goes according to the fashion trend is real. Some like to dazzle in sparkles, with crystals and sequence, while others worry and stress out of not being the most dressed up, among the Christmas party attendees. Yes, that’s correct! Being too dressed can lead you feeling quite awkward, what to say about the laughing factor it will create of looking like an ornament placed on your Christmas tree.

It is a season for the run of a perfect attire of your choice, which complements with pretty accessories. If you are all for the glitzy, glamorous look, you can go for a velvety beaded blazer, pointed metallic shoes and a casual trouser to support your shimmering top. It’s not about glittering from top to bottom just because it is Christmas evening. Here are five not so basic ideas, to give a new meaning to your festive Christmas evening dressing:

Accessorize to mesmerize

It’s not all about clothes always. Many times all you need is a simple dress and outclass accessories to complement it. In case you have been busy to get the perfect dress for your Christmas, you can grab a simple dress and accessorize it with a beautiful necklace and bold earrings. Perhaps a bulky bright colored bag could add a style statement to your outlook on the celebration of Christmas evening. As emphasized earlier, sequence and the shimmery bag can bring life to your overall look and deliver the perfect sense to your desired purpose of styling, which is the holiday festival.

Accessories like a fluffy fur shawl, metal belt, red scarf on a white top, or even a statement bold necklace can add a lot of drama in your dressing. One thing that can never fail to compliment a girl’s outfit, and I am absolutely in love with it is pearl jewelry. The pearl earrings are my never-failing bet to complement any attire, making it complete when worn with pearl necklaces. Pearls are as precious and an essential accessory as much as diamonds are.

Simple yet long

Party season is soon to begin, bringing all the festivity and beginning of a new season. For anyone who is not sure about his/her about their dresses, contemporary but straightforward long dresses can never be out of style. Usually, white is considered to be the highlight for any occasion. This color can complement the long flowy dresses or a classy white shirt with any dark-colored pants, that might contain some shimmer or sequence in it. We have all observed jumpsuits from basic to outstanding, over the ramps or red carpets throughout this year. It will not only be the reminiscence of the 1980s but also wrap up this year’s styling mania quickly for you. The long jumpsuits having a shimmery theme, and an outstanding flowy cut in some unique colors (preferably not floral) can help you shine bright this Christmas. This dress also looks great for dancing the night away. Keeping the simplicity intact, you can put some add-on like; sequence or glitter one colored fabric, unconventional bows to the white dresses, adding a sequenced mini skirt to a solid colored top and unique cuts to any of your long flowy dresses make them much classy. Sometimes, adding just an embroidered blazer and a bright-colored scarf with a simple top can add some jazz.

Glitterati for festivities

It is not even close to our surprise but a known universe fact. Whenever there is any festival or occasion, glitter and shimmer have had their existence just as much as oxygen in the air. This Christmas, too, shall witness lots of glitterati effects in almost any kind of attire you choose to drape yourself into. The glamour and glitz go hand in hand when you are dressing up not only to impress others but also to out-perform your styling criteria. For those of you who are not aiming for much robust and bling-bling to your dressing, you can add sequence work to your trouser ends or a sequence soft silk scarf to complement your attire for the perfect Christmas evening.

Dynamite Leather

This year has seen some innovations made towards styling. Gladly leather is one of those. For the fashionistas, who knows how to carry new trends, leather apparel can be a bull’s eye to create that perfectly bold and style-savvy look. You can pair your favorite colored top with leather pants. It gives a finish to your complete personal attire that you plan to carry on your Christmas party. Leather pants provide shape to your silhouette and make every curve in place for your perfect figure and a dynamic look.

Blue’s the Clue this season

Every year I have been emphasizing the brilliance of black and the universal use of this informal color dressing. It is time to go for something striking yet cool this Christmas season. This season the most playful and dynamic color that you can blindly go for is the royal blue. Gone are those days when Christmas, snow, red, or black went hand in hand for everybody’s dressing style. It’s time to use and play with more vibrant colors. Blue is the most in-color that has rocked the latest style statement you can choose to wear any dress but wearing a cobalt blue colored blazer or sunshine yellow colored jacket could give birth to the right yet unique styling. The black leather boots would complement massively with this type of dressing.

Whatever you might wear and style, it is vital not to forget wearing the essential smile, which magnifies your whole outlook, making you look prettier!


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