5 Reasons to Use a Satin Pillowcase for Hair Care

By admin / November 29, 2020

In 2020, spending on haircare will reach $11,928.7 million in America alone.

With such a huge demand for quality hair products, the price of those conditioners, creams, and styling products are rising quickly. What if the secret to beautiful hair wasn’t in pricey bottles of liquid after all?

Believe it or not, the state of your hair has a lot to do with your sleeping habits, in particular, your pillowcase. Dreamers all over the world are ditching their expensive hair care routines for this one simple trick: A satin pillowcase for hair.

Want in on the secret? Follow along to learn how you can start using a pillowcase for hair care and finally get those beautiful locks you’ve been wishing for.

What Is a Satin Pillowcase?

Satin or silk pillowcases are the newest beauty hack that actually works. These pillow slips are a smoother, more beneficial alternative to the cotton cases you’ve been torturing your hair and skin with for years.

Along with their many benefits for skin and hair, these pillowcases are a hypoallergenic option that offers a much cooler sleeping experience for warm bodies. Their breathable nature gathers less dust and allergens making them perfect for allergy-prone users.

This magical material acts as a protector for the state of your hair and skin and wishes you off to dreamland with a luxurious appeal.

Satin Pillowcase for Hair

While a pillowcase for skincare and hair health seems nearly too good to be true, users are swearing by this silk pillowcase for hair. When it comes to deciding what pillowcase to use, consider these five reasons to choose silk.

1. No More Bedhead

We’ve learned through the years that shampooing your hair every day isn’t optimal for hair health, but waking up with a knotted, messy style doesn’t lend itself well to a wash-free day.

Fortunately, that messy hair isn’t a sleep problem, it’s a pillow problem. Cotton cases don’t allow smooth movement of hair throughout the night, so every time you move, your hair is being mashed into a knot of flattened out locks.

Satin and silk on the other hand allows for free movement through the night and prevent those strange flat spots from forming. This makes for quicker mornings, less styling issues, and healthier strands.

Users found this feature especially helpful when preparing for big events. These ladies were able to schedule styling for the day before and even maintain their freshly manicured locks for multiple days. If you’re a last-minute morning routine lover, these cases will be your perfect mate.

2. Tame Frizz

Satin and silk are much smoother materials than cotton or linen and result in much less static and friction.

While reduced friction is great for getting a night of restful sleep, it also plays a major role in your appearance. High friction surfaces cause a build-up of static to form. This static surfaces as frizzy hair and un-welcomed fly-aways.

The benefits of this static-free case are visible from the first morning and over time help users see less and less frizzy days. You’ll be able to ditch the gel and other taming products and embrace your naturally beautiful strands.

3. Less Damage

That pesky friction is also a contributor to damaged strands and split ends. The rubbing and snagging of your locks throughout the night leads to broken lengths and roughed up locks. This constant stress will leave your hair feeling dead and fraying.

You might be using a protective spray for your heat styling, but how are you protecting your locks from your pillow?

Because satin pillowcases reduce this friction and snagging action, they promote healthier hair. With fewer split ends and environmental damage, you probably won’t need to be trim your locks as frequently.

If you’re looking to grow out your hair or keep its condition in tip-top shape, a satin case is key. This tool will prevent years of damage that no repair product could even dream of tackling.

4. More Defined Curls

If you rock your natural curls, you’ll love this curl defining trick. With less friction and frizz, your curls won’t be pulled apart and fluffed out through the night.

Because your curls require many strands to hold together and form the wave, pulling these locks apart causes an unappealing poof (very technical term). With silk, your strands will be lovingly held together and create clear, smoothly defined ringlets or waves.

You’ll be able to wake up and go without using buckets of mousse to coax out those natural curves.

5. Reduced Dry Strands

The porous nature of cotton and linen cause natural oils on the surface of your hair to be absorbed, leaving your strands feeling dry and dead.

Instead of trying to pump that moisture back in with intensive conditioners and repair oils, why not try eliminating the drying to start with?

Satin and silk don’t have the same drying nature as cotton and help your hair maintain its natural moisture levels. You’ll be preserving those locks and enriching them with their own valuable oils.

Using a Pillowcase for Skin Care

As a bonus, this anti-drying effect makes a pillowcase for skin care the perfect pairing. Less absorbed oils on your pillow mean fewer breakouts and more moisturized skin.

With less creasing throughout the night, you’ll wake with fewer imprinted lines on your skin that can lead to wrinkles. Reduced friction leads to greater anti-aging benefits and the hypoallergenic nature of the fabric is perfect for sensitive skin.

A silk case offers far more benefits than any other pillowcase type and ensures beauty sleep as you’ve never known it before.

The Ultimate Pillowcase for Beauty

Now that you know the benefits of a satin pillowcase for hair, there’s no reason to stress over what pillowcase to use ever again. From waking up with beautiful hair and skin to a cool, allergy-less night, you’ll love this silky-smooth slip.

Want to learn more helpful beauty tips and tricks? Head over to our other articles to soak up all the insider secrets for health and beauty.

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