5 Dating Tips for Workaholic Professionals

By admin / December 12, 2018
For many people, work is easier than dating. Work is regimented, familiar, and –– in some instances –– fun. Dating, on the other hand, is not. It’s difficult, and unpredictable. What’s more, dating requires commitment; it takes time and effort. It’s no surprise then, that workaholics often struggle to enjoy the dating game and will even attempt to avoid dates or relationships to focus solely on their career. Yet, dating doesn’t have to be a stress-inducing activity. Rather, dedicated professionals can date regularly and enjoy it more by following these five simple tips:
Start Casual If your career matters a great deal to you, then it’s a wise play to seek out like-minded individuals on the dating scene. Good relationships are built on common interests and shared goals; it doesn’t make any sense for a workaholic to date someone who wants to start a family right away. Remember, there’s nothing wrong with keeping things casual –– especially when you first meet someone new. Put the Phone Down There’s a difference between staying committed to your job and cultivating an unhealthy addiction to work. Unfortunately, smartphones are an endless source of temptation for workaholics, because there’s always one more email to send or one more report to file. However, it’s very rude to constantly check your smartphone during a date. Turn your phone off for a few hours every once in a while and instead live in the moment for a change. Heck, you may even find the experience relaxing. Don’t Date Within the Office Though it’s rarely a good idea, many still engage in intra-office relationships. Tempting though it might be to start dating a coworker, note here that it’s in your best interest to avoid such dalliances. Keeping your personal life separate from the workplace will help you avoid numerous pitfalls, heartaches, and bad decisions. Break Tradition Modern professionals work long hours and occasionally have to burn the midnight oil or cover shifts over the weekend. This obviously hurts their dating prospects. Still, if you really want to have a fulfilling relationship and pursue professional ambitions at the same time, then you should consider non-traditional dates. Meeting someone for breakfast, going shopping with your partner, or just skyping for a few minutes on your lunch break are all great ways to reach out and let someone know you care. Use Common Sense Just because matters of the heart are often illogical, it doesn’t mean you can’t apply a little common sense in your love life. Make smart choices like getting tested for STDs on a regular basis and avoid locales and dating sites that aren’t appealing. Dating, much like work, can be both stressful and extremely rewarding. The good news is, a little planning and foresight will help out massively!
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