4 Party Ideas Especially for Men

By admin / May 6, 2020

Party planning: it seems like it’s a distinctly feminine sphere, right? With endless blogs and websites dedicated to garden parties, spa days, and chick flick marathons, what’s in it for the guys?

Taking charge of – and responsibility for – your own party – whether that’s for your birthday, graduation, promotion, or bar mitzvah, to name just a few – means you can plan a celebration that truly suits you and your tastes.

Why Plan a Party?

It’s easy to go to a bar with your buddies and celebrate over a few beers, but when it comes to the bigger occasions – here’s looking at you, big 4-0 – it feels right that it should be a celebration, a celebration of your life, and of making it this far.

Planning a party can be tough. There are venues, decorations, catering, bar services, transport, hospitality…the list is endless. One of the best ways to get started, though, is to come up with a theme for your party: what do you want it to be about? A solid theme will help dictate your budget and kick off your event planning on the right foot.

Here are four party theme ideas that will suit a man’s birthday, whatever he’s into.

Drinks Tasting Party

The girls have wine tasting; we have beer and whiskey tasting. Holding a proper drinks tasting party can be a brilliant party idea. Things like tequila tasting are bang on trend right now, and it’s something that everyone (over the legal age!) will enjoy.

For an event like this, it’s worth hiring professionals, such as the team at Event Bartenders, to keep things going, recommend the right stuff, and ensure everyone has a good and safe time.

Superheroes and Supervillains

Whether you’re Marvel or DC, there’s no doubt that comic book characters are back in fashion. Whether you’re Batman, Superman, Spiderman, the Joker, Lex Luther, or Loki, the possibilities are endless.

As a bonus with this idea, superheroes and supervillains are fairly unisex, so the women in your life can get involved with the costumes, too. If you’re both super-fans of graphic novels, a supervillain couples’ costume won’t go amiss!

Roaring Twenties

The vintage retro-chic look is definitely back in fashion, but sometimes it can feel just a little too kitsch for a guy’s party. This is where a decent theme comes into play: something like the Great Gatsby would give your party focus and parameters.

Popular in fashion now because we’re back in the 20s, a Gatsby themed party lends itself very well to men who prefer to dress well. Sharp suits and trilbies have never really gone out of style, but a 1920s theme will mean you can enjoy dressing up without looking like you’ve escaped from the kids’ fancy-dress box for a champagne-inspired, golden and glamorous evening.

A bonus with this theme is that the guys lead the girls on the dance floor.

Video Games Party

We couldn’t leave out the theme of a video games party here, but why not switch it up and host a retro-games party? Doesn’t everyone have old commodore 64 in their attic somewhere?

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