3 Fun Ways to Stay Active and Healthy

By admin / September 30, 2019

Regular exercise and activity are essential for a healthy lifestyle, but there isn’t always an enjoyable way to get in that daily hour of solid activity. When you have a career and a family at home, the way you get your exercise is often the last thing on your mind, so you resort to the easiest way you know how: the gym.

There’s nothing wrong with getting in a workout at the gym, but sometimes you need a little break from the norm to keep your brain healthy as well as your body.

Here are a few fun and different ways for you to get in shape.

Start a Running Group

A great way to enjoy yourself while exercising is to do it with a bunch of other people. Your friends are probably feeling the same way you are, or they’ll at least understand where you’re coming from, so ask them if they want to join you on a jog sometime during the week.

When you’re out running with your friends, chatting and having a laugh, the time will pass in no time at all, and you’ll have squeezed in some great exercise without even feeling it!

Your fitness journey doesn’t have to be one you pursue alone; share it with your friends, and you can all encourage each other together.

Go on a Retreat

If you feel that you need a break from your everyday grind and you feel like going the extra mile, then explore the option of fitness retreats, where everyone will be in the same mindset. In a new environment surrounded by likeminded people, you’ll feel more motivated than ever to push yourself further than you ever have before and feel healthier and happier when you return back home.

You could rope some friends into going along with you as well and make it a fun, engaging, and exciting all round trip.

Try a Sport

If you’re prone to sticking to the same gym equipment every time you go for a workout, then it’s time you try your hand at something new.

Have a go at a piece of gym equipment you haven’t tried before, maybe because you’ve always thought it was too difficult for you and put yourself up for the challenge. It doesn’t even have to be for a long period of time; just try it out and see where it goes from there. Make it your goal to try something new at least once a week.

Going even further, you could ditch the gym altogether and try out a local sports club. If you have fond memories of playing tennis in your school days, why not check out the local tennis club? Most places often have free tryout days, so you may as well give it a go, even if it’s just to give yourself a momentary change of pace. Some have family days too; you could bring your family along and have a fun afternoon together!


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