What Are the Benefits of Youth Mentoring?

By admin / March 29, 2022


Close to 14% of New Zealand youths from ages 6-14 are considered at risk for poor outcomes in their adult life. Youth mentoring is one of the best ways to decrease this number and help youths become well-adjusted as they grow.

What is youth mentoring? It is the thoughtful application of programs and role models to guide youths in a positive direction. Youth mentoring programs come in many forms. Some center on sports, others focus on career paths.

Check out this youth mentoring guide to find out the many benefits of starting a program. Read on so you can learn some youth mentoring tips and find out what sort of program will benefit the youth in your life best.

Youth Mentoring Cultivates Interests

Being a child or young adult in the modern world can be overwhelming. Societal pressures and the stresses of growing up can cause many youths to become lost or disillusioned. Cultivating positive interests in youths is essential.

When a child learns a new skill or participates in an interesting program, they will develop life-long interests. The right program can inspire hobbies, careers, and activities that youth can enjoy well into old age.

Youth Mentoring Provides Guidance

Every youth has many influences on their life, both positive and negative. A youth mentor is one of the crucial positive influences that guide struggling youth.

A successful youth mentor helps point students in the right direction. They instill the value of perseverance, a positive attitude, and a good work ethic. Many youths don’t have role models that provide guidance outside of programs.

Youth Mentoring Keeps Kids Out of Trouble

After the school day is over, many youths have nowhere to go. Their home situation may be unstable or abusive. It’s easy for youths to stray and make poor life decisions that get them into trouble.

By providing a place for kids to go after school, youth mentorship programs keep them out of trouble. Youthline is one of the premier programs that can fulfill this need for young Kiwis.

Youth Mentoring Leads to Career Paths

The youth mentoring advice you learn when enrolled in a program can help you decide what to do with your future as a youth. Many youth mentoring programs allow young people to shadow professionals in their line of work.

They may learn important skills that can be transferred to the workforce or lead to fulfilling career paths. Showing youth options for the future is one of the biggest boons of a successful program.

Find Your Ideal Youth Mentoring Program

Youth mentoring plays a critical role in the development of our society. It allows the youth of today to become the successful leaders of tomorrow. Programs provide much-needed guidance for at-risk youth across the globe.

Use the information in this guide to find the best youth mentoring program for the youth in your life. With the right program, they can become functional global citizens of the modern world. Check back with us again for other info!

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