Top Video Games To Play With Your Kids

Bonding with your kid/s is one of the things every parent should prioritise. There are many ways a parent can use to bond with his or her children. On most occasions, parents opt for the bonding method that they otherwise enjoy on their own. This is to say if singing is the parent’s main hobby, then it’s likely the parent is going to take his/her children to a singing course along or play the piano together in the house. However, if your favourite pastime is gaming at a live casino, it does not mean you have to look for another hobby as you cannot engage with your kids in gambling, especially at a young age.

Your gaming passion can aid your bonding session with your children by simply playing with them child-friendly video games. While helping build the bond between you and the child, video games at the same time help to develop your child’s cognitive skills and hand-eye coordination.

Grow Home

This game has simple animation that will make your kid love it. The objective of Grow Home is to grow space plants. You can let your kid play the game alone while you help him with ideas or you can play against each other, father/mother competing against son/daughter to climb the little mountains and grow the most plants. For some reason, kids love this game and it’s a bet your child will also.

Super Mario Odyssey

One of the best video games out there is Super Mario Odyssey. If you had the privilege of playing video games at an early age, it’s most likely you once played Super Mario Odyssey yourself. For those parents who played the game when they were young, the same amusement and enjoyment you had playing the game (or even watching someone play) is the same enjoyment the game brings to your child. In Super Mario Odyssey, the objective is to run in circles while collecting moons. The more moons your child collect, the more his/her smile widens. If the kid is too young to master all the controls, you can always switch to the assist mode to make life easier for your little one.

Farm, Train and Assist Sims

This is the more advanced of the video games listed here as it has more realistic animations. However, that does not mean it is more complex in comparison to the others. Farm, Train and Assist Sims comes in many forms, you can opt for the steam train or the tractor. Most kids are crazy about stuff such as trains, tractors, trucks, therefore, they will definitely associate with this game. This game teaches the young folk’s survival skills on a farm. They have to do all the farming including making some decisions about what to grow and where to grow it on a huge farm (sounds difficult but the opposite is true). Once they have their produce they then need to decide on how they want to take their produce to the market, choosing from a train, tractor and a truck.

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