Here’s Why You Should Be Looking into Organic Bamboo Baby Clothes

By admin / May 10, 2021

Did you know that there are several toxic chemicals in your clothing? Consider shopping around for different clothing options for you and your young family.

If you want to learn about a safer and eco-friendly option, we can help. In this guide, we’ll go over the benefits of organic bamboo baby clothing.

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Bamboo Grows Fast

Bamboo has a fantastic growth rate. Since it’s a fast-growing plant, bamboo is a renewable resource to make textiles. Bamboo also consumes less water compared to cotton or synthetic material production.

Natural bamboo fibers are biodegradable and recyclable. Your baby’s organic bamboo clothing won’t end up in a landfill forever but will break down.

Reduce Allergies

Bamboo is breathable, absorbent, and, most importantly, soft. The material is gentle and great for sensitive skin compared to other materials.

For children who get diaper rash, organic bamboo baby clothing is an excellent material. Most babies have sensitive skin and are more susceptible to rash or irritation.

Babies tend to have allergic reactions to family pets, laundry detergents, or formula. You’ll notice the response on their skin.

A common issue for babies is eczema, where the baby’s skin becomes dry and itchy. Bamboo fibers are soft and will calm your baby’s irritated and itchy skin.

Pick up a few bamboo outfits and see the change in your baby’s skin.

Thermal Protection

Organic baby clothing is thermal, meaning it will hold onto heat even if it’s cold outside.

Bamboo is also naturally UV-resistant. Excess UV radiation from the sun will affect the function of skin cells. Over time, this could turn into cancer.

Protect your baby with bamboo clothing instead of cotton clothes. You’ll protect them from UV rays and keep them warm. You still will want to use natural sunscreen.

Protect the Environment

When you buy bamboo baby clothing, you’re choosing an environmentally-friendly option. Make these kinds of choices now so your children can enjoy life as they grow up.

Buying bamboo clothing is a sustainable option and will have a positive impact on the environment.

Improve Soil and Air Quality

Greenhouse emissions are the gases in the environment that change the global temperature.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is the most concerning gas. CO2 is what plants ingest to make the oxygen we breathe every day.

Bamboo takes in five times more CO2 than trees and puts 35 percent more oxygen back into the world. When you buy bamboo products, you’re supporting farmers who cultivate these plants.

By choosing bamboo clothing, you pick an option that’ll help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Bamboo can also restore the soil. Bamboo tends to still thrive in nutrient-depleted soil and will grow in areas many plants couldn’t.

The bamboo roots bring water to the surface and add life to the topsoil. This will improve the chances of future growth of the soil.

Don’t Worry About Toxins

Every day we’re in contact with harmful substances, from toiletry products to cleaning solutions at home.

You might have begun to choose organic and natural options. Try to do the same with your clothing choices.

Over 8,000 chemicals get put into textiles by the manufacturer. Some substances are for protection. In contrast, others are fire retardants, which are harmful to your child’s health and growth.

Bamboo grows fast without much-needed changes to the soil. Thus, bamboo trees tend to be free of harmful textile chemicals.

When buying from companies that use 100 percent organic materials, you can be sure it’s free of chemicals.

Some companies may add these chemicals to natural fibers. Ask the company you’d like to buy from and find out what additives they use.

When you support owners who sell bamboo clothing, you’ll end up improving the environment.

Cotton is a favorite choice because it’s durable and feels good. Yet, cotton is heavily sprayed with pesticides.

The Environmental Protection Agency considers most of the pesticides to be carcinogens. Synthetic materials are popular for baby clothing but could contain plastics and petrochemicals.

Choose organic bamboo cotton. You don’t need to worry about risks associated with cotton or synthetic materials.

Bamboo Clothing Is Durable

Young children tend to grow fast, and the cost of buying new clothes can get expensive. Organic bamboo cotton is durable and robust, like cotton without the extra spray added to it.

Organic bamboo cotton also gets farmed with more care. You’ll wash the baby’s clothing over and over again, and it won’t fall apart.

When you pick up quality clothing pieces that last, you will save money. Your baby will be able to re-wear the bamboo clothing outfits.

Check out this collection of bamboo baby clothes.

Why Choose Bamboo Products?

Bamboo has gotten used for flooring or paper goods. Bamboo fibers also get used for textiles like clothing and bed linens.

Bamboo fabric is lush and has a silky feel but is a lot more affordable compared to silk. That’s why the bamboo fabric is a popular option for women’s clothing.

People love bamboo towels or linen. Bamboo fibers have moisture-wicking and anti-bacterial properties, so people stay comfortable and cool.

Now You Know Why to Buy Organic Bamboo Baby Clothes

We hope this guide on the benefits of bamboo baby clothes was helpful.

Organic bamboo baby clothes are durable and a sustainable clothing option. Bamboo grows well in nutrient-depleted soil and can grow fast.

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