Affordable Arts And Crafts Activities Your Kids Will Love

As fun as mindless YouTube videos and Xbox games can be, getting your kids to participate in more social and physical activities is greatly beneficial to their mental and physical development. Arts and crafts allow them to learn many important life skills.

They’ll learn fine motor skills, how to spend their time constructively, and how they can work with others. Arts and crafts activities are also great from a parent’s perspective, as it gets your kids to enjoy something without costing you much money; if any at all. You can also participate and spend some quality time with your kids in the process.

Papier Mache

Although a bit messy, this is a great activity to get started with as the possibilities with what you can create are endless. It’s also a neat way to utilize any old newspapers or magazines that would otherwise be thrown away. You don’t even need copious amounts of glue to get into it either. Simply mix a cup of flour with a cup of water until you have a glue-like consistency and you’re set.


For moms who don’t fancy the idea of dealing with a living room turned into a glue-covered paper recycling center, origami is the way to go. All you need is some paper and possibly scissors depending on what you choose to make. If its raining outside, start off with something simple like an origami boat to get the kids running along the sidewalk. This will give you some time to impress them with your Origami Swan.

Recycled Art

Imagine a world where you can turn your old trash into your children’s treasure? No more buying overpriced toys or $100 pre-ordered computer games. Simply dig up some old stuff, whether it is cardboard boxes, eggshells, or dad’s awful music CD’s, and make something great.

There are countless impressive pieces of recycled art out there to draw inspiration from. Another interesting approach would be to leave the ideas for your kids to come up with. It’d be a great way of gauging just how creative they can be. The best part? If they no longer want it, you don’t have to feel guilty about throwing it away because you were going to do so anyway.


This seldom-heard of art activity is better left for the older kids, as it involves knives. It’s also something that you can enjoy as its better suited to teenagers or adults. All you need is a sharp knife or flat head screwdriver and a soft chunk of wood. There are some truly amazing wooden sculptures created by whittling, so be sure to check them out and see what’s possible with nothing more than a piece of wood.


If these activities are a little too involved for your liking, there’s always the timeless task of painting. What you need is pretty obvious and it’s up to your kids to decide what they want to create.


So, there you have it, five virtually cost-free ways for your kids to have a great time while improving their mental and physical health. What are your favorite arts and crafts activities? Let us know in the comments down below.

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